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All right point taken glade and cb thompson system reservoirs. Paul goes on to say would be emptied within the first decade of the historic drought cycles. That are inevitable in the coming years. Nisf is currently estimated. Constantly's at least one point. Two billion dollars and northern water has not shown that these costs could ever be recovered from new and existing water customers. Their plan says paul would need substantial borrowing state and federal levels for what would amount to a little bit of water. The forty thousand acre feet of water promised could be obtained by lining existing ditches and fixing system leaks and inefficiencies according to the state's website. Now i did not that this but i have a feeling that paul did his homework. More than eighty six percent of all available water in this area is used by agriculture. Paul gazon say much of northern colorado's water currently comes from the western slope via trans basin diversions including the colorado big thompson system the colorado river and cashless cooder are both over allocated he says and it makes no sense to pretend that any scheme could reliably increase available water or prevent future floods for cities along the front range and again paul. I appreciate your impact because it only drives the conversation forward. So tell you what we're going to bring in jeff stella public information officer with north and water and jeff will join us this morning right around eight zero five and pau. We're going to have him respond to some of your concerns but thank you so much for raising them and thank you for bringing them to.

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