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Make it every year and when joe tori was a manager that team was really his bugaboo asked joe a million times about the idea you know there are pesky team the way they played the game keep the pressure on the base paths mike mike social still there but that that game isn't necessarily there anymore and they certainly don't confound the yankees on a regular basis anymore and he is a highlight reel i mean he makes catches and center field kion braxton yesterday with the brewers you guys haven't seen jacqueline winning the game he goes high over the run yeah i mean and we were talking about center fielders outfielder huge impacts trout is a highlight reel and i know that but i don't i can't answer that question for me i would take mookie betts just see him a lot more but trout obviously as an mvp multiple times he's gonna win it again probably don't like and this is a conversation that probably goes back years and years and years the whole mvp thing i really wish they would separate mvp from player of the year because to be the mvp of a team that doesn't go anywhere just doesn't make any sense to me like like football has the offensive player of the year defensive player of the year and then the mvp almost something like that exactly like that i can see that using it's hard to make the case your mvp on a team that season ends with a regular season finale that's a tough one you're a five hundred team five games under five games over meantime you've got a team in whatever the red sox you wanna say the indians or the marriage maybe the mariners with the way they're doing with robinson can out they've got to be better candidates that are more important to their team winning a lot of team yeah yeah i would say so whereas trout could be the player of the year every year so whatever six forty one on the fan cbs sports network jerry recco kim jones with you in for boomer and geo take a lot of your calls to the also john harper of the daily news will join us at nine oh five talk baseball maybe some other things as well get the basketball to there's some interesting things happening in los angeles with mr lavar ball lonzo ball guys whatever the dads right with him it is and also his son and their camped on the injury that he has lebron and luke walton who apparently haven't spoke very interesting six forty one on the fan all that to do and more right now.

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