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You think we know we could definitely now all right so there you have it Mister Brian nobles don't try to get too greedy off the top of the long term plan my friend you know if your regular Jim go are you always notice this time of year that they're a lot more people at the gym midway through the second week of it tapers off considerable and most all of my god by about three weeks then you have the handful of people go this is a good thing and run with it this report by the California office of problem gambling eighty from Roseville still looks good nine minutes get you to the cap cities but on the cap city freeway did have some earlier heavy fog most all of that is lifted off the deck now another nine minutes get you to downtown it's a little heavy though on I. eighty across the top down specially spotting it right around the area of Rayleigh Boulevard if you make the trip in from elk Grove on I five four or five or ninety nine both have all little pockets of fog here or there but nothing that's going to slow you down thirteen minutes in from elk Grove on I five fifteen to do it on ninety nine starts to slow down a little bit more now florin road fifty westbound from Folsom is an eighteen minute drive in from woodland on I five twenty one minutes we'll do it north of I. five highway ninety nine still have some heavy fog right around the area of west Alcorn Boulevard if you're coming in from Davis he's about eighty across because what things look good sixteen minutes get you from there to here no one chooses to become a gambling addict but they can choose to get help from a professional counselor for no cost confidential gambling addiction counseling call one eight hundred gambler or tech support two five three three four two Roger by the California department of public health traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons fry nobles news ninety three point one KFBK there is a low clouds and fog early today otherwise mostly sunny and mild with an afternoon high of sixty to sixty four mainly clear early tonight there is of low clouds.

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