Josh Green, Bruce Anderson, CDC discussed on Rick Hamada


Carried some of his his talk with a wide news now your medical doctor lieutenant governor who obviously has followed CDC guidelines and got support for the state from the centers for disease control inter island travel should be back up and running as of at least ten days ago maybe we'll get an announcement later on this afternoon from the governor about this maybe we won't maybe we'll get a firm date and maybe we won't our biggest industry is still held hostage by governor that is not acting I don't care how much he may be talking to other places in the country about re opening tourism as Josh green said this morning we open our own damn state for inter island travel we have fewer than thirty cases total the medical doctor that's on your staff and don't forget Bruce green is here Bruce Anderson sorry is not a medical doctor he's PhD very educated but he's not a clinical medical doctor his it is opinion matters Josh's should as well and right now I'm on the side of Josh green because he seems to be the only one with any urgency and has been for the past four weeks of getting things open back up in his medical judgment it's important because we gotta we gotta get back going again and all the evidence points to it science data the things that they keep saying they're making their judgments on it all points to let's go and once we get going get out of our way and let's make the money let us feed our families again say fifty one.

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