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Local Honda deal. It's 6 40. D.C. mayor muriel Bowser made it clear she doesn't agree with the city council about some changes they made to the criminal code. But Bowser is now asking the Senate to vote against a bill that would prevent the district from putting those changes in place. WTO's Mitchell Miller has more today on the hill. The mayor has sent a letter to Senate leaders urging them to vote down the legislation that was recently approved by the House. The disapproval resolution would rescind the new criminal code approved by the D.C. council, which includes lower mandatory penalties for some crimes, including carjacking. Tennessee senator Bill haggerty believes the Senate should vote for it. In our nation's capital, Congress has a constitutional obligation to preserve Law & Order because Americans travel here from all over the country. While the mayor vetoed the bill, she argues that Congress should respect self determination. But Republicans now have 49 Senate supporters and only need backing from two Democrats to get the resolution approved. On capital hill, Mitchell Miller WTO B news. Help for teachers in English and math more security staff. Those are just some of the priorities for Montgomery county's school board in its spending plan for the next year. The total proposed budget for Montgomery county schools is $3.2 billion. That's a 10% boost over this year's budget. Included in the plan hiring teacher coaches and instructional specialists in math and English and ten new security assistant positions. There are also raises for school staff included in the plan that now gets forwarded to the county executive and county council after public hearings in April, the county council gets the final say in its budget vote in May. Kate Brian, WTO news. A recent rise in pedestrian and traffic deaths near schools in fairfax county has the school board calling for action. The board unanimously approved a plan that will create a traffic, a school traffic and pedestrian safety assessment program, and it will be updated every year. Superintendent Michelle Reed will now get to work developing that program, which will include strategies to avoid accidents. The county recently added speed cameras around some

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