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Sox doctor gives me an ice pack. You'll be fine, kid. Put an ice pack on it. There's there's a photo on Peacock. Look how much I love Sports. The Jose Conseco hat the Charles Barkley shirt at the Red Sox game, by the way, fired up by the way I had that hat. They're the ones with the autographs on it. I also have a Conseco hat. I also have a king Graffiti junior one just like the the ice pack on my chest. The friendship bracelet on my wrist just peak eighties. What a great time in sports by the way, the 19 eighties. That's amazing. Convert Nance Kia Moustache list brunette stashed, All right. We still have the bat he gave me but the story continues. It wasn't just that I was hit by a foul ball. And the guy gave me his bat. No, that would be pedestrian. We stayed at the game. Most fathers would take their 10 year old who might have internal bleeding to a professional doctor. My father thought it was a good idea to continue to stay at the ballpark, and we were lucky that night to have seats by the dugout. Joe Morgan's throwing the ice packs in between it is and down go the Red Sox 123. We'll be back for the top of the fourth as they throw Ben and ice packs sitting by the dugout. The game goes 15 innings. No way again. Probably wouldn't keep a 10 year old who might not who might have internal bleeding at the game probably won't keep a normal 10 year old. At the game 15 on a July night Jack Clark. It's his third home run of the evening and around 1 17 in the morning. I'll walk off from Jack Clark home run number three. We leave the game. The next day, my mother finds out about what happened at the ballpark where her firstborn was impaled. By Tom Burnett SKI LINE Drive. It's the only time for my parents 48 year marriage that I remember them fighting. The only time that I thought, Oh, something's going on with Mom and dad, the most loving couple supportive My mind gave my father and rightfully so the business that day Then about 10. Years later, I'm at Mustangs on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side. I see Roger Clements. I go up, introduced myself. Hey, how are you? Roger, Cause let me see your stomach. Do you still have the bruise on the ball? And he said that to you? He remembered because when else does a 10 year old almost died during early hitting at the game? Of course he remembered so I showed him my stomach. Which did not have the stitches of a Rawlings baseball on it like it did 10 years earlier. That's my Tom Venyavsky story. I lived to tell the tale and he sums up my father's relationship with the Red Sox. And compared to the health of his, uh, his only son. I found the article. Ben that was August 1st 1991. Jack. Jack Clark hit a walk off in the 14th 14th inning. I see the story gets embellished two outs in the 14th as Boston beat Oakland. 11 to 10. Yeah, there you go. And all timer at Fenway with Bruno. I'd love to chat with Tom Brunelleschi sometimes get his thoughts on that. He remembers that remember almost killing me. My dad said he came up to me. He said Ben, he had a glove. You're getting autographs in your glove. You heard the crack of the bat. Why didn't you do anything? Why don't you react? Dad. He's hitting 2 20. I didn't know he could reach me What I said at the time. Man. I got a lot of great stories from pound around with my dad at Fenway. Over the years. I remember being at the urinal and the press booth as I think like a 10 or 11 year old. In walked Mr October. Wow, Reggie Jackson. Just one of the great sluggers in the history of the game the other day in the home run hitting contest when Pete Alonso said I'm the greatest slugger in the game, I was like you ain't Reggie Jackson. That's a slugger, right? Reggie Jackson's at the urinal next to me, I'm 11 years old. Hey, kid, Who's your favorite player there? Well, Mr Jackson. I wasn't old enough to see you play, but I love Wade Box. Reggie looks to his friend of the left. Hey, Wade Boggs. Freaking sucks, huh? Crushed. Correct. By the way we'd box probably hit 3 70 that year. Yeah. Wade Boggs had 200 hits 30 Devils 56 beers on the flight Ain't nothing but chicken went for wind sprints every game at 7 17. Reggie Jackson Naked Wade Boggs Freaking son. Wait, Fox, My favorite player. Weight box in 1991 in 3 32. I was bad. I was at a basketball camp as a kid. You guys remember Tate? George? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I had a big shot in the NT tournament. Go ahead. You can't ST George lecturing a basketball camp. How many of you kids think you're gonna make the NBA Jim Force 2010 year old, Every single hand goes up. Let me tell you, ST George says. Every hand that's in this gym that's in the air right now is not making the NBA Thanks for that inspiration. Welcome to my campus, and I think that $2500 and go play Kino down the streets. Think state. Guys have any stories from sort of realizing that your sports heroes maybe weren't the Avengers that you thought they were? Maybe weren't the superheroes that you immortalized? I could tell you the story of Clarence Weatherspoon hitting on my girlfriend at the nightclub that You Are there any stories you guys have for? Your athletes became mere mortals, Man. I guess I guess in a weird way. I was lucky enough to not have those types of interactions. I remember being disappointed, but I heard someone cursed when I When I was a kid was like, Oh, man, he curses. I don't love you anymore. Jose Canseco. It's like Yeah. Following the follow up, Follow him on Twitter. He says lots of love more than bad words out. And I mean well, I mean, Greg Illusions of grandeur when you're eight. You know what I mean? Like Canseco, getting another shout out on the show. We talked about him the production meeting today. Some site Gilbert Arenas, the NBA's version of Jose Canseco. You guys are gonna let me play that none of you guys are going to play. I'm just taking my ball and burning this thing down. Remember a funny Bill Buckner story that I had just it was, I don't know. It could have been anywhere from second to sixth grade. I don't can't really remember. But we took a field trip to Pittsburgh and we're at three Rivers Stadium and they take us to the dugout and we're standing there and were allowed to kind of You know Mel around and the Pirates are playing the Cubs and I've got this yellow pirates batting glove and me being me Because I've always been like this. You put me on the field. I see Bill Buckner and Larry Bowa having the catch. Stroll right up to the two of them and ask them. Hey, could you sign my glove and Larry both signs and I go up to Bill button and he looks at me and he looks at the dugout and he sees my entire class of like 30 kids, he goes. Not signing for all these kids, I interesting thing. I think I'm the only one who's not afraid to come up here. And he was, like, all right, so he signed the glove and gave it to me and him and Boa went back to having a catch. And then a few years later, he gave me one of my greatest sports memories of all time is an 86 Mets fan. So thank you, man. I told you my my memory of that event the other day was my dad passed out in the shower. Mom, Dad, just sleep with the shower. Set up 27 muscle men, and he was knocking them down one by one. All my muscle men action figures. My father had a whole table and he swears to this day in Frontier land in Orlando. There is one muscle man that is still standing on that desk. On that table, pass down the shower Mom that's passed out the shark. He's asleep, but one of the truest credit came back to play for the Red Sox again. I believe after after that happened in 86, but still, Buckner should be in the Hall of Fame. Let's be honest, the Brockman Hall of Fame as such different protections yet the other Hall of Fame. I mean, you're.

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