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There's a way with that being you. The offense to will have the kind of bill into of what they've done previously And i think policy stree- is so shown that the big teams you know they don't stay down there for too long and i. It's just a case rate as opposed to walking out whether all snow. We'll get back to so of talk seven hawaii coined the full or whatever you know they just all where they are and it's really difficult to know exactly you know way you would pull all snow in the league tables or way you think they'll finish this season. You know the the hardest teams to write in price up when the feels like this really big variants as to where they they could end up coming in season. Definitely grade-point mock chris in terms of this game. Are you seeing the value here. Yes the snow funding the room. This is all been pretty painful to ground Account account stick up for my team at the minute in terms of been backing them with my money is you'd have to go with everton. You right now they. They looked pretty good in the last few weeks in the market and night when he said you know the home fans have really made a difference. Any team to lose in front of their own fans in a in a league match. The season has been asked and when they lost a home to burnley. Otherwise the funds made a real difference in everton. Let like they've got back into that group that they were in at the start of the season one. The last two matches to nil as well which is an improvement because they were conceding. Quite a few goals and without gabrielle. In the backline. It's going to be very difficult for this house. Not who who have been on this bad run. Since la season the cup win really glossed over the fact that they ended the league season with a mixed bag of results. And i just can't see them score in in this game and scored five goals away from all season. Three of those came on the opening day of fulham. And you go back a year ago to win these two loss at goodison park cetera. Ancelotti will both in the stands watching and whilst everton of kicked on our tatters stood stale. And i think that will show on on saturday evening worrying times. Trust and la. It's fair to say the final game. On saturday pm kickoff newcastle united hosting fuller on skysports made event. I'm the show the price. is this one. Please annual selection new cutler. Six four the draw is twenty one to ten on fulham are nine to five both teams but sorry to the teams have differing results of lace like newcastle. Were paid off. The park against leeds ran out of gas towards the end. A leading in five goals. As as a as a out on fulham of look look pretty decent. you know they. I think they've added and a lot more organization to their defensive line. Scott parker seems to have them work in a bit better and kind of going back or snuck on backbone defensively. They've shipping goals all over the place at the start of the season and they seem to have assured that'll along with getting the likes of look men and then guija at firing they look very solid. I think those two could exploit the weaknesses in the newcastle defence. A jamal lewis as good as the as in as much as i like him in the newcastle team. He he gives away cheap ball and he's not exactly brilliant. Defensively gave one away against west brom and he was at fault for one last night as well and so that in mind. I'm gonna go for over two point. Five goals six four. I don't have a strong opinion in terms of who could win the game. I think both if both won't you'd say of course they did an so. It's difficult to kind of have a strong opinion on that. But i think there will be goals. Obviously callum wilson for newcastle is going to be constants thrashed. On i just think with the vulnerabilities that newcastle highs in terms of sales It's kind of a makeshift back for. Were not very strong. Hold on the ball. Yeah i can. I can see fulham scoring a couple of goals here as well so over. Two point. five goals from me mark. If we were giving away a most improved the ward from thirteen games this season with award begun to fulham. Then be out there when they i may off. It was a people going to be relegated off to the first week and stuff like that. And it was I think people were really hall shameful and ride the stop because you've got to remember. They came up via the playoffs. In august wasn't enough and go very late july that gave them some time to prepare for the premier league. They could buy until they were. You know in the primarily completely different white bill and everything what division your in so it took him a while until the end of the transfer window for them to get a team that they felt could be. You know competitive in the division is nothing then now They all going to be down there for for most of the season. That's pretty obvious but you could see them getting out You know. I'm looking at the team. And the defense definitely looks a lot better now. I think anguish. Could probably play for sixteen before too long in midfield area and getting rid of mitch mitchell from often because i did more to the senior people were expecting certainly oneself you shooting at mit richie's the main man for fulham. But they did a lot more fluidity to they're playing counterattacking inability without him in the team a lot more pace and loftus cheek can take up. Some clever positions of men cavallero them run the in behind as well so There were looked better in terms of this game. A wishful applying playing. Somebody else over a new costume new call will just you know the rights it so poorly bookmakers. It's always really difficult thing to to to kind of find value against them because the there's such a negative about new also in the make industry so for that reason. I'm going to go forward to roy in this game If i was to wounds winner it would probably be full grown. I bet but. I think the draw looks likely as any other outcome to me. And is the biggest price. Christie's funny how we talk about new cost. Isn't it because they're above brighton In the table we always seem to price brian level importance with leeds. We always seem to praise leads. Report behind and palace and villa newcastle. Waseem coming with stick but in terms of points on the ball. They're not doing too badly now. The no other i mean. It's very congested. That mid part of the primarily table. Jack isn't it. I mean you look up further up the table. There actually only five points behind chelsea in sixth place. If you wanted to go that high up you know it's not not a million miles away as it so one win could easily propel them up the table and steve bruce's done a really good job that given circumstances when he first arrived at the club and everything that's gone on behind the scenes with failed takeovers and the like and now he's having to deal with kind of full out from the covert outbreak that they had there which i think is really affected them. They've they've looked completely spent by the end of the last two games against west brom leads and and there was no surprise that they conceded those late goals against leeds because they just don't have the lakes. I don't think the moment either because some of the players are feeling the effects of the the illness all that the miss ton they had on the training ground. I mean i'm. I'm kind of leaning the same ways and in this game in terms of. I think that might be a few goals. Both teams to scores is my selection. Newcastle not kept a clean sheet at home in the league in in ten matches and fulham haven't kept clean she away from home. Think the cottages a look in a lot better particularly going for the kicking himselves at score against brighton the other night. But i think there's a chance that they could well get some think at newcastle. I'm just not brave enough to suggest they'll take all three points fair enough exciting action throughout saturday and also sunday's games to get through. Stay with us here at paddy power. We want gambling to be fun and encourage our customers to responsibly. That's why we offer a number of tools to help you stay in control.

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