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And Instagram at market and this is the mark. 1877 Gods, your kids. Okay cards. Kids Donate your car today with 1877 cars for kids were a recognized 501 c three Charity organization so you'll receive a maximum tax deduction. What's more, you'll receive a vacation voucher of three days and two nights. Also on the Web at cars for kids dot com. 77 cars. Did you donate your car to day? Remember that's cars with a K. I believe the kitchen is the new family room. It's where you live kitchen renovations or one of the highest return on investment, home improvement projects. Plus you get to enjoy it every day. Hi. I'm Leslie Carr and I'm Michael Carr were the owners of platinum kitchens and design. We deliver a better renovation experience with our exclusive platinum process that starts in your home. Our first visit will include a kitchen designer at no charge to evaluate your space and make great recommendations. Next. You're presented with a free, customized designed layout with clear and realistic pricing all at no cost to you way follow up with a complimentary design consultation. This is where we help you choose the right colors, materials and products to start your renovation. Platinum kitchens are process includes our promise to help you create and realize your dream kitchen with high quality products that you and your family will love living in for years to come. Schedule your free in home kitchen design consultation right now at platinum kitchens dot com 2020 census is about the next 10 years, but the time to respond is now the power to change. Our community is in your hands grab 2020 Senses is about funding for hospitals Murder. NSI services and more. It even informs congressional representation. Make sure you count little kids and babies who lived with you even roommates. The clock is ticking, but you still have time to make a difference. Shape your future today by going 2020 cent is paid for by U. S. Census Bureau News. Weather traffic 95.5 W S B, Let US news and talk 7:30 a.m. Jennifer Gryphus Live in the WSB 24 hour news center with WSB Stop stories this half hour, President Trump scrapped plans to conclude the GOP convention with three days of meeting in Jacksonville, Florida because of.

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