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I love close love shoes and love purses and i love style and i loved decorating things that doesn't make me an asshole if you're somebody that loves sport sir watching football and baseball or of all that and you think all of the sudden as you're listening to this oh my gosh of mine just like you know surface level no not at all that is just something that you enjoy and we're on this earth to enjoy life we're here to enjoy ourselves otherwise a what the fuck is the point that's fine but we also should ask ourselves just like how we can improve on the things that we feel guilty about and i feel guilty about how of treated some people and i feel guilty about the way that i handle situation sometimes and how dramatic an angry i can get and i just hope that malala and ava gardner and i guess alexa from amazon wish would have gotten that for free i wish i hope that they have inspired you i'm sorry that i missed a podcast episode last week and i hope that this hasn't been too boring for you guys but i am doing my best and i want you to know that i feel a responsibility to you so every time i've met any of you i it it it makes my day it makes me so happy because i'm somebody who really loves to feel like a part of something i love i'm loyal and that was one of the things in therapy i was asked.

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