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Appropriate and deliberate action. Uh, these strikes designed to limit the risk of escalation we will take and he believes we will should and will take necessary and appropriate measures to offend US personnel partners and allies in the region. White House press secretary Jim sake at a news conference at the White House, explaining the rationale behind these actions, and, uh, we're talking with the Dakota would a retired Marine Corps lieutenant Colonel? Senior research fellow for defense programs at the Heritage Foundation. Here is Mike in Brunswick, Maine. Good evening, Mike. Good evening, Jim. Hey, Colonel. I'm very tired, Gunny 3rd 4th wreak on Vietnam. Uh, welcome home. By the way, Mike. Yes, you too. Jim. Jim served to over and now, uh, listen, I'm telling him we got on with Jim on this. We gotta start hitting back and hitting back hard. Book, Miss Rossi, the new president of Iran. He was known as to hang in the Terri Ron. Back after the revolution. He was a right hand man at Sala meanie. Uh, both of them don't fall from the same trees. You know, they fall right in the same pattern. And I'll tell you something right now. This guy is a butcher. He butchered people over there, the woman before they were hung. They used cranes. They hung him six at a time. Sometimes 12 at the time. They left the bodies there for everyone to watch and the woman was raped repeatedly. Before they were even hung. So this is the kind of guys will given with with these guys. You see what I'm saying? Colonel? You know, I I take completely. I mean, he's been accused of, uh, good evidence of killing 30,000 fellow Iranian citizens and torturing pregnant women. So this is an extreme. Right wing, you know, in their world sort of person. The whole presidential slate was hand picked by the Muller's by the Ayatollah. So you know they had preferred outcome. This is what they got, and it's the regime that we're dealing with. So the question then becomes. What does the United States do about that? We go in with a four fledged assault and wipe out everybody in Tehran. You know? How does that play? I mean, what is the endgame for that? So again? I think that the Trump Administration has the right approach to this. That seating these points, relieving sanctions, making it easier for Iran to get money, which they used for terrorism is the absolute wrong way to go about it, but that's what the by the administration has chosen to do. So it's kind of speaking with two tongues. Actually, Mike again, I can support what they did here. But the other things that that I don't quite understand. But then again, that wouldn't be the only inconsistency I've seen from this administration. Right? Yeah, well, I mean this pursuit that would enable Iran to get a nuclear weapon. I mean, with to Mike's point there the good gunny, Uh, you know if you have this president that's been elected by by plan. Into office. And this is the sort of people who were running to think. What do you think they're going to do with the nuclear weapon? So we should be according what Israel is doing and sabotaging facilities and killing off the scientists responsible for this. And by administration comeback should come back to a much harder line. Uh, that prevents this funding going in and you know these strikes. I mean, he did one strike in early February early February. Whatever. What have you This is the second one. We should be doing more of this. So that we don't embolden or incentivize these terrorist groups that are acting on behalf of the Iranian authorities. Thanks for your service again, Gunny, Mike and I appreciate your call and your listenership as well. 18665. Oh, Jimbo 18665054626 as we speak with retired Marine Colonel. Dakota would senior research fellow afford defense programs at the Heritage Foundation? You've looked into this. I'm sure in greater detail than I have. But it seems to me that and I host of issues. This administration isn't quite sure what direction it wants to go in. Mean it. Talks about? Don't don't come to the southern border and then leaves out essentially a welcoming mat for people to break into the country. It, uh engages and limited strikes against Iranian backed militia but then turns around and offers to return to that nuclear weapons deal with them. And there are other issues as well, Just on a and I guess an overview. It strikes me that they're not very consistent. I'm not sure they know who they want to be. Well, even domestically, you know, as you pointed out border on one side, then telling people not to come, but we're going to provide them all this kind of social support. We cancel the Keystone XL pipeline again to the point where the Canadian manufacturer right the contractors put together has given it up. They said. We're just not going to pursue this anymore. So we cancel that pipeline of crude. Into the United States, which would keep us energy independence and keep prices well. And yet we relieve any sanctions on North Stream two, which is the natural gas pipeline from Russia into Germany, so you want money to flow to Russia? One of our chief opponents, But you want to make prices rise and restrict the flow of energy into the United States Back here at home with the keystone, you know, they refused to give the new permits for drilling in Alaska. So there's just this weird dichotomy, right? This internal inconsistency where it seems we're putting more restrictions on ourselves. And we're making life easier for our major competitors. And I hope that people think about this, you know, as they decide who they're going to walked into office and what kind of the groundswell of Push back you know whether it's critical race theory in schools or in.

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