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We're in a place now culturally where we can't even say people don't want to say anything we're afraid of being polite we are we are bullied constantly were frayed of being bullied on social media these kids have it even worse and some kids just snap i think i think there's there might be something to it although i don't think that's the you know what oliver north is saying is the only thing that could be well the other thing is john is this that had apparently two armed security guards at had shooter plan in place it's cetera et cetera and that didn't seem to to make much of a difference either kid was able to walk in there with you know a couple of guns and and you're left with ten people dead well there would have been more remember you pipebombs or some other explosive that he was trying to detonate as well so this kid was i guess you can i really don't have the answer what i do have is a question what's happened to our culture so one thing we don't want to deal with the the the nra wants let's talk about let's talk about a good man with a gun so solve your problems and i and i'm a second amendment supporter i'm i'm i'm a rarity almost extinct species in journalism and then on the other side you've got people who just wanted to take all the guns away and think that everything will be normal well they don't have guns in britain but they have a mayor talent trying to regulate kitchen knives and they've got a increase in acid attacks so you know let's worry about what's going on here america something's happened i don't know what it is so what is it loss of faith of belief in believing the state is our god families that don't watch you watch over each other and and themselves i i don't know all i know is to kids and tom i'm a little older than you but i could i could have seen tom bevan and his friends go you know putting shotguns in the car on the way to school go hunt you know lee ditch and.

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