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Good morning klbj news time is eight thirty i'm mark caesar this update is brought to you by stands heating and air conditioning north korea has released three americans in their flying home with secretary of state mike pompeo tweet comes from the president just moments ago writing secretary pompeo and his quote unquote guess will be landing at andrews air force base at two am this morning i will be there to greet them very exciting the president indicating that this will happen in just a few hours the secretary of state had told reporters traveling with him that he had not yet received any commitments concerning the release of the three americans but he said he hoped north korea will in his words do the right thing securing the prisoner's release would be a major diplomatic crew for pompeo who was just sworn in last week we see as gina hospital will be questioned about the waterboarding of terrorists when she goes before congress today republican tom cotton plans to vote for her confirmation gina hasselbaink tough on terrorist is the worst thing the democrats have on her then that's not much of a case against her this is a very distinguished career intelligence professional democrats and republican ran paul have objections to the waterboarding after nine eleven some homes at backup against shoal creek or teetering close to a cliff heavy rains caused a big landslide mike kelly with austin's watershed department says the rain 'cause what is known as slope failure and the trail is now closed it's an area where we've seen landslide before nothing of this magnitude but it is a geologic area that that's prone to land adjacent to shell creek right now the city is not convinced there is anything they can do to fix the problem prosecutors have dismissed another sixty two cases related to the two thousand fifteen shooting in waco involving rival biker gangs mclennan county prosecutors said they're dismissing the cases and will instead focus on more culpable defendants eight thirty three austin's on time traffic with melinda branch we still have heavy delays on all the freeways there clearing that wreck from the right side of thirty five southbound service road just past a wells branch parkway the wreck on mopeds northbound north of twenty two twenty two has cleared we.

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