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The newspaper podcast. I'm Ben Luke. Thanks for listening like many of you. The newspaper team is now working from home for the foreseeable future due to the corona virus crisis. But we'll continue to produce this weekly podcast and this week. The theme is the Kobe. Nineteen outbreak and specifically its effect on our journalists took two members of the art newspaper family in the two epicenters of the virus thus far Lisa movies in China an Annus Cox in Italy will also begin a new series looking in depth at works of art currently in museums and galleries. That have been forced to close this week with the historian and broadcaster Bender grosvenor before we begin just a reminder that you can sign up for a free daily newsletter formulated stories. Go to the out. Newspaper Dot Com. And you'll find the link at the top right of the page now. The founder of the newspaper. Anna summa's cokes. Is currently under lockdown in to win Italy on the ninth of March? The Italian Prime Minister Sepe Kante imposed a national corentin requiring citizens to go out only when strictly necessary that is for work health related reasons or grocery shopping as I recall it. This new three thousand people have died in Italy from Kobe. Nineteen Africa rapidly approaching the number of deaths in China on Wednesday the eighteenth of March. It was announced that four hundred seventy five people who died in a single day. Anna joins me from on the line. Now and are just like to begin by asking you how you are extremely well and so's everybody. I know except for my step grandson who probably has corona virus. Which I'm happy to be able to tell you in. His case is a cough and a bit of a temperature. And he's just riding it out at home and his doctor says not worry but it is a case. Bring your body's in Lombardy which is a neighboring region and the the the the the death toll is now very high it some over two thousand and for the habitually but particularly nobody and people can't even say goodbye to their family when family members when they die so what the house is do is to do away slow drive past of the relations window so they can stand on the balcony and as it were wave goodbye. And that's that's it. It's very strange times. Because it's sort of like an enforced holiday and unexpected holiday combined with a horror movie and it's sort of lurking in the background. Can you explain to listeners? Why you're into in because they may not know you connection there all right well. Many years ago I started the art newspaper for Attorneys Publisher quarterback Talamante whom I subsequently and I I decided to stay in Japan and keep him company During this rather dramatic time and then got stuck by the total lockdown. You can't get in Wyatt. Can you guess? And can you give more details about the look down and how quickly was enforced to that sort of things already in? Somebody was called Red Zone a week before it started here by the Knights of March being imposed and I it was just you know stay inside. But and then and then they then they shut down everything so so offices and factories are still working on the whole people encouraged to work remotely. Obviously the factory workers have to go into the factories. You can't drive more than two in a car The person has a second. Now sit in the back of the car. They caught out. We have to keep them meeting between ourselves so the floor in the supermarket has duct tape stock meter intervals so we signed away from each other. The new shops open a food shops tobacconists newsagents and chemists and the police control. And Jud any time to make sure that you're not just out sort of about to go into a party or anything like that and actually titans are being very law abiding particularly in the North. Where a lot of people have been ill or are still and where in the south having a bit more of a problem because you know they they haven't come across it in the same way right can. Can you give us a bit more? Flavor of what? It's like to be on the streets to in an deserted to in. Well you know what to Carrico Cityscapes like that's what it looks like. I mean to carry was painting terrain when he did those those you know. Those extended captures with the arcade arcadia buildings. That's exactly what looks like it. Shadows It's It feels like a sphere clock in the afternoon in August when everybody's asleep And then you get the same feeling of not do that but I wanted I wanted to the only. The only buildings are open public buildings that were opened our other churches. Although they're not there no liturgies being celebrated which must be the first time there have been marcy celebrated in the Italian peninsula since you know Christian days we're not allowed to congregate but I went into our neighboring churches morning. It was absolutely beautiful. There wasn't one single sewed in there just perfect. And so you'll you'll taking solace where you can in the fact that you can. You can at least experienced culture. In in terms of the architecture of the city Ad Nauseam the churches. Yes yes but but you're not allowed just wonder about the secret. I have to carry this little document saying I've gone out for my health in case a policeman says why you about perjury. Of course but but but here's a slight deterrent from from from from being frivolous and just going to have a drink with somebody which people ready are trying not do those very strong sense that any one of us could communicate a deadly disease to somebody else or somebody who communicated dwells. Now tell me about the paper in Italy journalist Latin Which of course was the very first of these kind of newspapers. And can you say about their operations now and they still active in reporting as we are yeah there. There's a skeleton staff in the office with people sitting on way from each other and everybody washes their hands the whole time. Nobody touches each other in any way We always talk about how long the virus survives on tabletops that sort of thing but can drive you crazy. Everybody was working from home just as the art newspaper is doing seems to work pretty well in fact we. I rather suspect there might be a clam of wait for more of it later on because it's quite dog away in front. If you can get your act together it can you say about this sort of response of the world in Italy Obviously in various spices especially in the UK and in the US now there are lots of museums very actively talking to their audiences in terms of on social media et CETERA. Is it the same initially? Honestly it's so backward digital speaking you know the sudden we are now open to the public. Well you know I went to the custody Rivoli site and I couldn't actually get the youtube things to open You basically they've just got an old marine patio nice website Outstandingly good is the was eight would chills one. Who's rather a handsome director? Christiaan Greco immediately put a little video or nine of him. I stayed home. That's great refrain. Stay at home your restore. But he's he's talking about strange of letters between two ancient Egyptians of father and some the father has complained Ressam that he hasn't written a long time and the extraordinarily also suvival. And it's something I have written to dad but the seven hasn't put the letters in the post. Does it work full marks for kind of embassy relevance and all which that's very good The fundacion proud has quite good collaboration with Google The Uffizi has an excellent website. I looked at an exhibition. They had on on Africans in that paintings of Africans in their collection Rafael Exhibition. That's a huge tragedy. I mean this together. Those Great Raphael's it's the beginning the big event of Raphael. Yeah this is five hundred five hundred years. The Death Raphael there at all is in Rome opened on the fifth of March by the by the presently shot on the eighth of March and the shots on the second of June. By which time we may or may not catch a few weeks of it and that's got nothing online at all right. I mean as you say. That is most notable tragedy of I mean. Of course it's a tragedy the all these museums everywhere reclosing but that that event a real one of one of those Bam rare events that actually genuinely is a once in a lifetime experience. Is there any sense in which you get the it may be extended or it may be given another chance to exist in the form that it that it that it did just before we closed? I honestly don't know I would have thought it quickly difficult to do. Because there's some vevey valuable lanes for more Rhonda the world. I mean. It's a hard thing as coordinate. Something staffers. Come from major museums. Well you know there. Rafael is one of their star operates. The exhibition the collection of early seeks Chinese art at the custody. We also shot in fact. He didn't even open. But that's easier to extend because he's one man's collection I if he's feeling benevolent he can let it stay longer. Though it's going to be a great loss around the people who are the real real losers are togue guys are twenty thousand official tour guides insult who have nobody to Guide around and they're all self employed so they are literally without an income and our government to help out and Tourism tourism represents thirteen percent of GDP and these are not peak toys months. Obviously but you know the photographs of Venice was absolutely nobody in them. In our deeply moving I will but they also reveal how few inhabitants are administering But But the the economy is a is is cruel particularly to the to the you know the occasional labor union. The Bosnian they under cafes are all shot so the people were taken on to to wait at table just usually paid in. What's called black money? You know unofficially legislation it. Suddenly without work. There are lots of people who are really hurting at the moment. Andy and actually that is something that I think the art newspaper it throughout its history has done very well his point to the kind of ecosystems that underlying the art world that keep world going. And I think that's one of the things that am yes we're terribly sad about museums closing the livelihoods of so many people across the art world's a under threat right now. Well yes I mean the art world. I suppose they're artists. Who'S EXHIBITIONS AREN'T HAPPENING? And small small galleries that will will go under. There's going to be a massive Financial Crash I think What's a very rich? Old Man? Once explained to me who had lived through a big crash of the late twenty S. he said unity. It's not that the rich people become poor in a huge financial crash. It's a they wait for the market to bottom out which means that they didn't spend any money so dries up if people aren't buying and selling and now a sort of side Aspect civil with you've talked about the deserted streets of of to win but one of the things which is delighted little on on social media over the last couple of days. It's been images of Venice. You'll the former chair of the Venison Peril Fund and therefore you have a very close relationship to that city. Have you been monitoring all of this and seeing these apparent declare canals? And what do you make of it and do you? Do you know any of the science underlying what I do. Because We collaborated with Cambridge University and institutions in Venice at the time and I know you know what people are working on so I rang up somebody S and I said well..

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