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Ryan dempster. Today i'm joined by former starting pitcher of nineteen seasons folks. That's right the big left-hander cc. Sobat the is on with us special stuff right here. You're not gonna wanna miss it. But i i've got to tell you about sloan's no touch washing technology state of the art second non couldn't come at a better time. Sloan is truly in a league of their own so we want to thank them for providing that technology people out there so we can wash your hands. Stay safe well. I was worried about this guy when he was at the plate. A lot of people worried about him when he was on the mound going to be in the hall of fame one day two hundred and fifty one wins three thousand ninety three strikeouts asai young six time all star. That's right let's go get it and go off the mound with c sabathia retirement treating you see love to retire. Five years ago. Brought on what i was doing. Love life right now. What are you up to retirement. What's keeping you busy. I know you're doing the See to podcast which is really really awesome. Working people go to listen to that. Because that's great stuff that you're doing there. Thank you me ryan been doing. Rtc to now since two thousand seventeen This is a lot of fun. Being him have great chemistry so Is fun to bounce stuff. You know sports stuff back and forth and coaching staff. We we watch tv. So it's really fun to in the back as you know sitting there talking and kinda hanging out and giving your opinion As far as the rest of my life doing quarantine retirement It's just got the four kids. I gotta a junior in high school freshman in high school a seventh grade and a fourth grader. So we're pretty busy man. My whole is a baseball player. So he's fine all across the country bunnies perfect games aren't events and different things and you know starting to visit colleges and stuff so that's exciting to be home in the be here for this part of his journey. It's been a blessing in my girls dance and my youngest. He just you know he loves sports but he's not he's not like super super competitive like my oldest like how we were living die wounds. Lots of teachers loves to be out there and socialize so refreshing kind to be with him and you know just just have the funnest or to so much distress of you know my oldest trying to get the college working out and different things like that. So it's been a lot of fun really been enjoying. My time is a retired baseball player. And as a dad so like. I said i should have did this. Four or five years ago. I know i've never thrown so much. Ep done so many dance parties. Learn how to do ponytails like just everything you're doing as a dad. That's so awesome to hear that. Because that's what it's all about. I mean that's why retire other than you know our bodies saying all right. That's enough time but your your son. I wish i could throw. Bp right now. My shoulders math feeling right now. So i'm still trying to basically to try to get back to throw these guys bp. I know what you're talking about. I remember throwing a first pitch out at a king county cougars game and me and my son both. You're both throw the first pitch. He threw a strike. I threw it like in the left. Hand batter's box. One hopped my arms gone in like a turtle into shell. Mike okay. i'm gonna need some rehab. I started going to therapist. I'm like i don't wanna throw again one day. Let's go and they worked it out so you got a couple years. It'll be just fine. Then you can join that over forty league and and have a lot of fun doing that but you're working out. We see it dude you in the gym. You've been getting after it dropped away. You've leaned out. You look like you could be kicking guys out of bars now if you need to be where. Where was the motivation. Well how did that take off. Why were you like. I gotta do this. You know what i mean. I think i mean obviously had heart Problems December of eighteen had the stanford in a bigger guy always thought of myself as like offense violent I needed the way to pitch to come down to mount. And i just. I just didn't feel right if i was pitching net. You know two hundred ninety five three hundred thousand. I knew i couldn't live a long life that way you nominee. I have four kids. And i want to be around for them and I knew this is always my plan. Once i'm done you know bitching one of the lean out You know try to get rid gives the muscle and and and look good on the beach. so yeah i. I've been working out harder than i ever have. And it's been enjoyable. I mean i've been working out with my son my wife and going to the gym couple of times a day so Yeah i mean changed my diet. No sewing no gluten and and You know it's really taken off for me. So hopefully i can keep this up and continue to lean out and be the best version of myself going into my forties. You get started getting calls from hollywood at six six. They're going to be like. Hey we need. We need a few extras here. Somebody's got to step in and you and you're just the right guy and they don't have many guys your size. Yeah just action movies. Then you're just gonna stick action movies. We just had halloween a month ago. You know last month was halloween. I know your family. We see it. You guys love halloween man. It is so cool. The events that you put on halloween parties. We able to do that again this year. I know what the pandemic it was a different. Do you know what we just dressed. Our family is so You like you say we're we're very festive. So every holiday and he gets to up we're going to do it My wife was not gonna let this pandemic between twenty up or halloween so we all got dressed up took the picture and then we just kind of sat around costume but my wife is kinda. You know she's kind of kind of freaking out a little bit because my own is make. Sure be his last year. You know we always dressed up in these family costumes and christmas cards. A big deal and other stuff in mass-rigging out 'cause he's not going to be here so i don't know how she's gonna take this these next couple of years with him out of the house. My mom's still mad. I'm out of the house. My dad's go with it. My mom's got while you back you talked about your wife. You have an amazing family. And she does a lot of amazing stuff with you and kind of i feel like when you see. It really leads a charge on the pitch foundation. Your guys is foundation. Does amazing work is so awesome to see what you guys do for the community. Talk to me about how that started the work that you guys are doing. And what you're doing for the community thank you. Yeah my wife and my mom and myself started pitching in two thousand and eight and it really started in our homes. Lael me and my wife went to high school together started in our hometown. Just wanna give back and do different things and you know we were giving money to different organizations in not seeing the result that we wanted so we decided to start our own foundation from there things of take it off. We do the back active as we do a big christmas program for kids. during christmas. during this pandemic we'd been a lot of stuff when freshdirect handing out food and different things for families That that i knew in the boys and girls club those kids. Those meals at the club. You know two or three times a day in the clasby enclosed in a pandemic. I want to do something to help those kids out. So yeah. It's been a blessing in my foundation. Kind of started from me. Meeting dave stewart as a kid. I got a chance to meet him. When i was nine years old. And it changed my life and not just always thought if i was ever in a position to help people were giving back or you know. Just gotta do what he did for me. And you know some of my life if i could do that for going to my big league career. It's all worth We're sitting down with future hall famer. Cc's tabatha and i say future hall of famer because you know you're going the hall of fame. There's no doubt about it. Yeah you will to two hundred fifty one wins over three thousand strikeouts just an incredible career. But you and i both know. We're shaped and remoulded through teammates and coaches. Who are the people that you leaned on throughout your career early on your career. That really helped make the biggest impressions on you. Oh wow so many Coming up in indians organization Felt like it was a blessing You know having mark shapiro. He was the farm director. When i got drafted and we just gotta formed a great relationship. He's like a father figure to me now. So tomato time call willis who are now. Who's very first pitching coach.

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