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It to be fresh. Listen to what I'm telling you is the Ohio pork camera. Polls ready to eat. The course it's ready to eat as opposed to want something that gets a nuclear holocaust pretty vacant has been in the market for quite some time. Dan. In fact, you could find it on Amazon, you can I mean, let's it's pre cook bake it. And I'm saying it'd be nice to show. Let's say, okay. You buy a Turkey sandwich in the cafeteria. But you forgot to make it a club. And you've already walked away from the cafeteria. And then boom, there's a bacon vending machine. I mean, you would want your Turkey right there. You get a couple of slabs of bacon for dollar. You. Put it on the Turkey and you'll get the go. It's a very specific example of why you would need that countless example Agean imagine day forget to put bacon little bacon bits on the salad on the south because who doesn't love bacon bits on a salad. Right. This vending machine. You know, what it has not just strips of bacon bacon, bits? How about that's? Facts, man. If only you could bring it with viz much information to every segment, why is this about big? Why is this the subject that you've decided this is the one time I'm going to be informed. I'm going to get opinions. I'm going to do research. I'm gonna find out about this vending machine industry, and I'm gonna concoct an assortment of business strategies that include the customer who has left his house with the lettuce and tomato sandwich. But has forgotten the baguette, and then I'm gonna tackle that market that demographic with fury, and I'm going to have four sales year. What other Sal it? I mean, bacon bits. I mean, listen there's nothing more frustrating than getting a bacon cheese at a deli. And then you more frustrating than the on rapid. And. The president vending. There's some guy who can't feed his family and his waiting for the next check to come in. And he's unemployed and doesn't have money. But the most frustrating thing is that you know, how you can feed them now bacon vending machine how about that. Adam sensing a business opportunity here. I mean, there's only one at Ohio State, and we should get one down here in Miami. The you you want a franchise the big invented machine. I do. Yeah. Roy get on. All right. Roy get on that ninety Oh, my. my. As usual. I okay put we put it on the poll is the bacon vending machine. Disgusting that we put that on the polar. What you're saying? It's magical. I'm saying it's fantastic. Yes. I'm I'm watching it right now. And it looks like freshly cooked bacon, sizzling bake it. It's amazing. Stan what do you have for us on Joel Embiid, and the idea that is publicly saying that the way he's being used as a problem? Well, let's have two points for you. The first one is we have to understand that. When players say they're all about winning that. That's not true doesn't mean they're not about winning doesn't mean Winning's not real important to him. But they're not all about winning. Joel Embiid obviously wants to win as clearly the best player on the team and with Jimmy Butler there. He's having to at best share that if not be you know, sort of second fiddle, and he doesn't like that. Then the second thing is he made those comments coming off a three game stretch where we didn't play. Well, where we're we shot thirty three percent from the floor made one of his nine threes dropped down to sixty percent from the free throw line and was just struggling to play. Well, and rather than just take responsibility for that. You know, why not come up with a good excuse and blame it elsewhere. Because even when Jimmy. Butler was there he had a five game stretch in which he scored over thirty three times an average over thirty for the entire stretch Jimmy Butler being there has not detracted from his ability to put up big numbers. It's helped their ability to win. Joel Embiid just needs to get going again. He struggled again, the other night quit making excuses, and everything will be okay, how much do you deal with that those stand because that dude is made of armor that dude looks physically like an adult and what you're talking about..

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