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John mccoy so here's how you talk about lou shawn mccoy you don't because we don't know what happened you don't do commentary it's just a new story at this point like with domestic domestic abuse and sexual assault cases there's a chance we'll know we'll never get to a standard of evidence that's please everyone that's pretty much the case with all of these cases outside inside and outside of sports you have to at some point with the richardson case for example i'm comfortable now weighing in on that is opinionated i think there's enough fax in there's been investigation there's multiple accusers and at some point you say okay i as a human being as a journalist can take stock of what we know here story like the shawn mccoy or a similar stories where you don't weigh in and i feel like there's this rush there's this pressure to weigh in and say here's what i think about it you shouldn't think anything about it this point because we don't know just right now it's a new story they're collecting information on it it's a kind of a crazy story you're using your making you're making distinctions is a journalist for a news that no longer exists i feel like you're living to some journalistic standard there which i get it's very principled but i feel like everyone now is rushing to wherever the judgement is across all media platforms and all the media plot forms blend together and so it's just everyone yelling and so your way you're waiting for facts here which is always the more prudent route but maybe on a content thursday content empty thursday where people don't have something to talk about they need leshan mccoy and now you have to have some sort of opinion about it and i think my point is with these stories there's always going to be a sliding scale of facts right like i said with shirts in or i don't know if zeke or some of the other domestic abuse cases you know people have waited for photos come waited for multiple accusers and there are some people who are still not who still say we don't know the facts about jerry richardson and i would disagree with that i actually think i pretty sure i know what happened i feel i don't i don't think people know what happened with jerry richardson of professional i don't believe that the people listening right now know that jerry richardson lost his football team because of the things that he was doing in a two thousand eighteen america where that stuff gets people in charge fired and gone and jail bob mcnair who is still owner defended by the way and said they could have his comments could have been you know just innocent comments one other details i don't know the details because are not your business reporter and you know you do you do deep dives on these facts i read articles in their completion about your richardson is my deep dive multiple women accused him of unwanted touching groping sexual comments questions he was you know just really creepy leering behavior one of those women and i don't think this was noticed by a lot of people posted a note he had left for her that was like asking her you know i do you think of me as a boyfriend like there was evidence here this is not a for debate that's not okay so to me when a story gets to that point okay we can talk about we can weigh in on it you know yesterday we talked about the statue i am comfortable saying take down that creepy statue was deserted guided to begin with the shawn mccoy i'm not comfortable saying anything right now and i do believe firmly that's the right standard for these types of stories it.

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