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What we do is we we uh we stick to our positions we stick to our lanes and we never really cross this imaginary lines so democrats they with democrats and republicans they were republicans and we never really get anywhere but i would challenge you to look at the san francisco police department and the federal other federal reports of the san francisco police department recently so when when colin kaepernick was talking about police brutality and the treatment of the police all you have to do was just i mean it's it's it's publican from his public information go there look at it this an exhaustive study on what was happening in san francisco in the police department what is happening and so no it's not a lie maybe you don't like the way it put in terms of an issue with the police department same thing for for example you know i heard curt schilling say what was what was his name um uh he he was criticising someone for it just recently he said i can't help it that this guy ended a i'll find it but he said i can't help it that this guy is protesting ally hands up don't shoot referencing ferguson right right and so we know oh that did not happen because of the park the department of justice report which is very public you can find the right now so if you're gonna go with that and say look look at the department of justice report on hands up don't shoot that did not happen well yes i say we'll good let's use that that's public information but in the that same report they go chapter and verse about how crooked incorrupt in dirty the ferguson police department is let's have that conversation so you don't just have to say okay i told you that's ally yes that cannot be corroborated that did not happen yet there were other things that did happen and let's talk about him but we don't want to talk about it we just hold onto you know i it becomes too much of a political argument and we never go anywhere so it's exhausting not because talking about race is exhausting if we're gonna talk about it with honesty and clarity in some intelligence it could be a great conversation but we it's hard to go there six.

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