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Paul finebaum with Myron medcalf and Bob bell Bano is we take you to the top of the hour. We're joined now by Mike young of Wofford, the seven seed in the mid west taking on Seton Hall and Mike Young's team is the fancy of many people who are trying to find a team to jump all over coach. Thank you. Congratulations. Your reaction to where you are. And what's ahead? Oh, goodness. Just getting started with Seton Hall. You know, where are we? We got we all also hearing low. Okay. Really good basketball team. We've had a year. Thrilled to be playing in the NCAA tournament. Don't know a lot about the pirates another exception. Well, coached a couple of kids can really score. We will. You know, have a lot of information gets our team between now on them. But we'll have them ready to go. Look forty give the Jacksonville highest ever seat coaches. Bob, Valvano, congratulations. You've won one of the few in a row. Twenty is kind of like. Yeah. But the highest seed ever from the southern conference eighty three points a game. And you've got a guy as a true star in Fletcher McGee, you shoot the three so well as a guy who when I coached I was like my teams to shoot a lot of three. So irked me when people tell live by the jump shot die by the jump shot. React when people say that about a team like yours is so good at shooting behind the arc. That's what we do. We can shoot it. And we have a number of them are flex your. You know, you hear a lot about. He's a terrific player. John I run away shooter. She can run. Hundred miles an hour away from the basket catcher behind the yard can get turned and shoot it. That. That's a really really difficult shot, and he does it routinely. I think we have four kids over forty percent from three. So we have a bunch of them that can they can light it up. And then. This level any level when you can surround a big post players. We haven't Cameron Jackson. Your senior square feet. There's a terrific Cassar can really score that you know, can give an opposing coach heartburn is. He begins his preparations for for our team. So we've got a balanced punch. Aren't we got four on them double figures? And certainly the ringleader is is Fletcher who's scored over twenty five hundred points us to away from breaking y'all may three point marks beta shifts Moakler a couple of years back. So, you know, fun team coach. Glad we keep going here. Mcafee? I don't know if people realize how your team dominated a really good league teams like UNC, Greensboro infirm, and they're a bunch of twenty and thirty point wins on your resume in that league. What does that do for the calf of a team when you're not only winning for this long, but you're winning is such a dominant fashion. Certainly when our team was. Aware of how strong are league was and you know, part of this week for a long long time and going back to the rate Davidson teams college of Charleston. This was southern conference that I've been a part of real. Got a heck of a year just missed getting into the NCAA tournament and very very good wins over Villanova loyal in the in the non conference season. And then used Tennessee was really really good again. So you know, you go to those places and win. That's not going to hurt you confidence. Certainly. But. Team. Relish in. You know, those opportunities and play good basketball. And and then we had to play. Well burns. You know, sold outsold, Tennessee. And you know, all those things, you know, we culminate with three straight on the road here. Couple of weeks back in one though. So it's been it's been a fun time. And we have more to enjoy. Coach the fun continues best wishes Thursday against Seton Hall coach. Thank you very much. Thank you guys. Have a good night. You got gotta Mike young after really some genuine excitement there until you can hear the fatigue. Let's talk about team that believe it or not hasn't early been mentioned on this program. That's Kentucky the number two seed in the midwest many people like what they have seen so far especially of the draw including our own Seth Greenberg. I think this is a good draw.

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