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Jay black preview Super Bowl opening night at state farm arena. Opening night is a true media circus that sometimes produces classic comedy. I'm here. So I won't get. I'm just here for a while. It's fun. I mean, look at this. How could you not have fun doing things like this Tom Brady and every other player will be answering questions from hundreds of media members for an hour, someone important football topics, but most or not? Fans can buy tickets. They'll get a radio to listen in the Rams kick it off at seven and Mark Arum. Broadcast live from sixteen federal workers could soon received their first paycheck since the partial government shutdown five weeks ago. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, says he hopes all federal workers will receive paychecks this week. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he's supporting legislation that would prevent the federal government from ever shutting down again. Quarter. My campaign says humor is also urging the president to make sure federal workers and contractors get paid as quickly as possible government workers may be headed back to the job. But President Trump still won't be giving his state of the union tomorrow night with the agreement to end the government shutdown. There won't be a state of the union address. Just yet for President Trump is speaker Pelosi is evidently going to wait to see what happens over the next few weeks. White House officials say another partial shutdown is possible if there's not an acceptable border security deal by the next funding deadline of February. Fifteen Jamie, Dupree's blog this morning wsbradiOcom says the president continues his defiant tone, saying he could still declare national emergency to get a wall. Former Starbucks CEO billionaire Howard Schultz consider joining the twenty twenty presidential race. He tells CBS sixty minutes he'd run as an independent accusing both parties have quote revenge politics, political insiders, say a third party run by Schultz could hurt Democrats chances of retaking the White House next year. Wsb News time seven forty nine..

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