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Your home for original reporting. Mira Reuben, the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up two days of questioning Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett. A committee vote is scheduled for today. Judge Amy Cockney Barrett tried again to assure senators she would make her own decisions if she's confirmed to the Supreme Court. I've already said, you know, and I hope that you aren't suggesting that I don't have my own mind or that I couldn't think independently verify, vowed to keep an open mind on major issues such as abortion and healthcare again. I wanna stress I have no animus to our agenda for the report of the Affordable Care Act. Skylar Henry CBS News Capitol Hill. New code. 19 cases are on the rise and at least 37 States and Wisconsin is one of them. W D Day Tease. Sharon Agenda report this easy to get frustrated because again, we want our previous normal that we knew right, but we're in a new reality. Now, With the states seeing more than 6300 new confirmed cases Tuesday and Wednesday combined doctors say they're concerned community spread is running rampant. The disease is still there in the community spread is actually getting getting more prevalent. It's not dying down. How quickly read we recover really is going to be dependent on how quickly we respond. First lady Melania Trump posted online about her experience with Corona virus, saying she had a roller coaster of symptoms, while her son Baron, who also tested positive had no symptoms. Red flag warnings have utilities turning off power to customers in.

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