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This is your baby. Yes, it is. All right. So how did this begin where all of a sudden you can get a celebrity to record a video for you for a price. So we had this idea that self easier. The new autographs when you see somebody famous people come up and. Don't pull out the sharpie anymore. Now, they want to take yourself. You put it on Instagram, and we're really trying to figure out a way that could help fans can with talented scale, especially if they're not there. So no matter what price you're talking about. It's still a bargain when you think of how you would do this outside of us, which is impossible. Right. Exactly. Run into someone on Michigan avenue, and then you actually have to go up to them. And then they actually say, yes. Yeah. And you think of that perfect person? It's pretty stressful experience when you see people in scale it's also stressful for the talent to write when a random fan walks up on them at a restaurant. And this is a great way that we've been able to create a new way for them to monetize their social. And it's been an incredible way for fans connect with their favorite people at scale about a month ago, a sponsor of ours. We had a meeting with a sponsor of ours. And he was talking about when he started up his business. He went to you guys and got a celebrity that he liked to to mention his business and talk about his business, and they put that video on his website. And he said people were amazed. They thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I never heard anything like that. It's genius. So that's how you guys found out. Yeah. Yeah. He said he goes, you guys should do it. And then we all had a good hearty chuckle. Up after. All right. I'm doing it. Yeah. I'll do it. I just have to say Mindy colon fifty bucks. Bad. From fire alive from facts of life. I'm natalie. Yes. Phil Lamar voice actor Pulp Fiction, fifty bucks. This is a steel actually I pond from the penny saver dollar off. Stephen Galanos is with us. I know you've been on the wintrust business launch you've been on various shows here. I have to tell you Steve Bertrand is totally guilty of this. I don't know if he's in the new studio right now, there have been people who have come up on our show, and I see him this is one way or the other places. Oh, my son loves you, could you record a little video, and I'm thinking, wow, that's brave of him. I had Colin Jost do that for one of my sons, but everybody wants that. So this is where you go to Kamioka, and what you guys have unique access to that having talent walking through the radio or the average person. There's just no way. In really taking it back to our founding story. My co-founder got a video recorded for his buddy. Brandon. Brandon was a marketing executive at Nike who loves the Seattle Seahawks. More than anything on earth. At the time. Martin was an NFL agent and to Seattle Seahawk. He got this guy to send a ten second video saying, hey, Brandon, congratulations on your son maverick. This is Cassius Marsh from the Seattle Seahawks. I heard if if he gets wrapped likability he'll be playing for the Seahawks one day. Go hawks. Put it on Instagram. And he said it was the best gift he'd ever got another so nice. And this is somebody that works with Michael Jordan. Lebron all the biggest stars. But it was that personalized message in that authenticity that really made it special with the roster of talent. Let's say all of a sudden, there's an outcry for somebody in particular. All right. Do you approach them? How exactly do you wrangle these people into being part of the roster? We have over ten thousand different talent on the platform, and basically any vertical that you could imagine sports stars TV stars movie stars. Buzzy runs the gamut. And the way that we that number one way that we find out who to get when people come to our website cameo dot com, and they type in a name that we don't have they can actually submit their Email, and let us know to let them know when we get that person than our team here in Chicago and LA we'll go and reach out to that person any way that they can to try to get them on the site. And then Email the people that have requested them to say, hey, this person that you requested his on the site. Now, who are you amazed that you have what's the name that you go? I can't believe they're part of this. Breath has been one that's been really cool, and I've gotten to know him pretty well over the last I would literally today. Monday last week. I was throwing footballs at them in Miami. Nice. It's unbelievable Javer Antonio Brown. We just signed up this week is a top five player in the NFL. I'm a sports guy. So that's always huge for me. But Bryner lacquer. I mean, so many of the people Michael Vick te'o many of the people that like I grew up, you know, particularly loving, Jeremy Roenick is another one ice hockey guy. So don't you have that you really want? But they're just not there yet. I think chance the rapper would be. Cameo. I think like Obama or Trump would be unbelievable. You could imagine how much either of them would love doing this. But literally we want everybody. All right. So we were talking earlier we watch this Michael Jackson special last night, part two is tonight on HBO. And we mentioned Cory Feldman. He is on cameo. We also we're talking about MacAulay Culkin, and actually Stephen I'm looking at up and MacAulay Culkin is not here, but I can submit my Email or tweet at MacAulay Culkin to join cameo. So it's that simple. And if he decides to see like if there's enough interest in it's worth while. Sure. And and the other just to answer your question for before how we get them. So number one will reach out to talent when people ask, and then we also have an idea people that would be good. So like, I was at NBA all star games are Charles Barkley? We've pretty high conviction that someone like Charles Barkley. You would do great on the platform. Secondly, we have a talented town referral system. So if Corey Feldman referred MacAulay Culkin, that's another way that we get talent on and then third we've started doing some strategic. Partnerships with brands like NBC universal and the MLB as a new one. Now, we're getting ready to kick off were there helping us get MacAulay culkin's should do what he's home by himself. He's got nothing. But time was they thinking. Emily's in Europe is has to do with how much they want to engage with their fans are not at the end of the day. Right. So if you're not someone that's active on social media today. It's probably not going to be a great fit for you. But that's sad. People. Bobby Hall who don't have any social at all, you know, have been on cameo in love making videos because for they love interacting with their fans. And ultimately, that's what we enable. Let's say you're a celebrity and you're on it. And you're asking prices one hundred dollars what cut of that? Do you get what kind of that they get every single talent is on the same financial split with us? Seventy five percent to the talent and twenty five percent to cameo. All right now. The one thing is if talent refers somebody else that they would get five percent of that person's bookings for one year out cameos cut. So in that case, it would be seventy five to the talent. Twenty two cameo in five percent of the refer. That's pretty cool hold. Your thought. Stephen gallons is with us co founder and CEO of cameo. You can go to cameo dot com. And find out there's someone I think you'll be very interested in, but we have to take a quick break. And then we will return and taught cameo dot com. 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