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Eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom talking about gun law changes i'm jack callahan fox news president trump calling for swift changes in the nation's gun laws during a bipartisan meeting at the white house suggesting some lawmakers are afraid of the nra do our great power i agree with that they have great power over up democrats in congress now suggests that a seachange may be coming after those sharp comments about the nra from president trump in a bipartisan white house meeting connecticut democratic senator chris murphy says the days of the nra getting whatever it wants may be over i'm not sure if that was a reality tv show or whether that was an indication of what the white house is going to be pushing up here in congress over the next few days in slovenia republican senator pat toomey who has sponsored a measure expanding background checks to a larger group of gun sales says the president's support could get that measure across the goal line it fell short of the votes needed to overcome a filibuster about five years ago logs jarrett help reveal washington armed officers councillors at additional support dogs on hand those students returned to florida's stolen douglas high school on wednesday for the first time since the fatal shootings there two weeks ago but now new reports that the broward county sheriff's office may have mishandled the scene and there are some strong allegations from several sources here on the ground is saying that the commanding officer during the day the shooting gate premature orders to deputies to stage outside our former perimeter outside and set of emerging or allowing those deputies to a least mmediately rush inside to neutralize the shooter one law enforcement officer saying that the un staging outside before a shooter is neutralize goes against training in which deputies are taught to go go go towards the shooter one law enforcement said the allege bad commands could have a detrimental to victims every second he's another lifelock's as much food portland florida reports mostly sheriff's office will the florida department of law enforcement declining to comment on an ongoing investigation fox news ferid velez.

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