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Back to the orange and black on KNBR, the sports leader. The Padres complete the sweep of the doubleheader over the Giants with a 3 to 1 victory here in the night cap. Padres had three runs six hits with one error and left three runners on base. The Giants had one run three hits, No errors with five runners left aboard. And for the Giants, only one running five hits and the whole double header. After being a shutout by Levinger, who pitched a two hitter in Game one. The winning pitcher of game to Tim Hill in relief. Richards did not pitch the required five innings to qualify for a win. A hill became the picture of record when he came in with one out. And got the final two outs of the Giants fifth inning. So he is three and oh. Trevor Rosenthal with his 10th save. He's 10 for 10, converting his save opportunities. The losing pitcher Sam Selman. Now one on one, will Myers had the game's only home run. And the doubleheaders only home run his 12th homer of the year. Two hours 12 minutes the time of the game here in game, too, so the Padres continued to roll. And they have gone what 20 and five in the last 25 games. As they go into a Siri's with the Dodgers starting tomorrow. The Giants. Meanwhile, We'll spend the night in San Diego before they head off to Seattle, where they'll begin a two game Siri's with the Mariners on Tuesday. At Safeco Field. Our on site, producer and engineer has been Darren Chan, our network coordinators in our downtown studios here in the city. Rafael, Coral and Danny done, and our next broadcast will be Tuesday. Six 41st pitch on Tuesday. The Jets have not announced starting pitchers, but we're guessing that they make throw a couple of left handers in that Siri's. They've got Tyler Anderson and Drew Smyly who could both start in the series. Anyway, whoever it is 6 40 will be the time of the first pitch on Tuesday, The pregame show will begin at 5 55. We hope you will join us then. Now this is John Miller for Dave Fleming. We thank you for joining us. And invite you to stay tuned. Our post game show will start very shortly. The finals of the doubleheader, the Padres win game 16 to nothing and game 2321. You've been listening to Giants baseball in the can be our Northern California Honda dealers radio Network You.

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