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You know, people say when they smoke this fire, sometimes when they're smoking is arson. This is a case of arson. This is a case where two women for profit, and they've earned an enormous amount of money. That's have falsely accused me framing and I'm thinking that BI investigation. I've asked for the FBI to investigate me along with these two women as they file out Davis. And I felt day. That going is the FBI responding to your request. Well, we're waiting to hear obviously, I've also asked for any law firm in the country to conduct an independent investigation. I'm willing to show everything everybody because I did nothing wrong. I've lived an exemplary, private life, or all the years that are relevant to this, these inquiries, and these women just made up. These stories and, and Brown wants to win the Pulitzer prize. But you didn't tell the public that the source she relied on the major source, but junior Roberts is a proven perjure and a proven liar. I won't rest until Virginia Roberts goes to prison and the other woman goes to prison full accusations of serious. Whether it's the actor in Chicago smaller who falsely accused people or it's these women false accusations hurt me, too movement. Very serious and Julie round hasn't reported the other side of the story. Sure. She put into the story that I denied it. That's not an out. She owed the readers the obligation to say. I produced all my travel records, there was an FBI report. The judge struck everything. That's that's true. And then nobody would believe these stories. It's pure advocacy. And if a lawyer ever behave that way that lawyer disbarred for failing to produce relevant evidence that shows that I was innocent when the women are claiming falsely that I'm guilty. So thank you for an opportunity to tell your listeners the whole truth. Why moves and I have tremendous in my own life, public life. I've had my share of things that I felt were not reported accurately or not really very fair. And so I have tremendous empathy for that. I only have one question which is that in the world we live in. Of course, this is the American way, which is to appeal people's careers over sexual charges, America's particularly obsessed with the sexual Clinton. And so for everything is in other countries differences, they did it. Here we have. Do it. No, no, no. I'm not disputing. I'm just leading up to something which is that in this country, people are often doing this to this as a form of character assassination, and to nullify someone's career with these sex charge. Because in other countries, this doesn't play that much. I mean another countries, they don't care it now the country's putting Krizan but, but what I'm asking you is. So you think that these two women that are making these false charges against you. It's purely about money. Well, it started with money driven by their lawyers, but first woman Roberts told her best friend, I have it on tape that she was pressured by her lawyers to name me. She had never previously named me. There are some emails now that are still seal, but will waiting to get them unseal, but they show how the plot unfolded, how they admitted how she admitted she never had any contact with me at all. But she was told she had to put me in her book because otherwise the book wouldn't sell because I'm famous and this was a long history of making false accusations against famous people. She claims to have had underage sex with the prime minister of Israel with the majority leader of the United States, Senate, the United States and Basseterre to the United Nations with the man who invented artificial intelligence, you name it. I mean it's pantheon of famous people. Professor, alan. Dershowitz. Julie Brown still working the Epstein story reporting on the fallout, including one lawsuit that has the potential to overturn the plea deal. I'm Alec Baldwin. Here's the thing is a production of WNYC studios..

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