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You. That's a cool Graceland. And apparently seen Brian's brezler wasn't enough for Justin to organize the rescue party with Hore bath and Debbie. Yes, he's story like he gathered the troops like note Amaro. He made sure that he could somehow get in the house with Brian sister. And somehow now that the kids going to come home and not be tipped off that he's been found out in any way. I was very impressed. You got the troop together really quickly. Why was Brian's cowrie shell bracelet at all? Exculpatory though. It's a John. You have the bracelet. You lied to the two aren't connected though. He lied about where he got the bracelet, but that doesn't mean that Brian tried to shove his dick in his mouth. This all came together a little too neatly. Justin sees debris at the arcade. They how does he is a liar? Yes. So I. He's really, really busy this. He is a liar and his mother will demand that he tell him the truth and that is that it's what happened. Just stitches it up right away. The only thing I liked about the scene as at Horvath flashed his badge detective, Carl Horvath, Pittsburgh PD. Normally we don't see Herath like doing cop shit anymore, but I also love once. He's been found to talk about how John runs up the stairs. Oh, I didn't notice it was. It was just so strange the way he did it as like, so that's how you're going to run to your room. Honestly, they should be trying to like arrest you for line to beliefs. I mean, that's filing a false report. I don't think he lied to the police. So didn't he? Yes, he did. He's, he said that Brian did this parents because mom and grandma, right. That's filing a false report. Will they file the report not John Kenny. You're getting caught up in the technicalities of it. I'm trying to like add something to this really, really weak writing. I think you can add all you want. It's still going to still be around. It was nice of Justin to a pocket. The bracelet took the evidence and return it to write to Brian. Shouldn't you beginning back your boyfriend. I give Justin some props there for walking away from Brian's sorta semi seductive moment. Oh yes. I want to know how many of our listeners thought in that moment is Justin gonna bend over the come. To I would. I thought were very clear advances. Yeah, it was a nice touch that Brian left the door open. Oh yeah. He might change his mind. He might change his mind. He walks across the loft in we see them turn back to see if Justin income in it's really nice directing for such a weak story. They allowed Vicks arrests to carry on for multiple episodes or anything. This. Still queerest vote. What you hear. He should've subscribe. Invade us on I tunes. We like this five stars still clear, spoke push more on the way. Lindsay are looking for a load. Shoot up Melanie. So as we how you're trying to make this as dirty as possible, aren't you far you're going to go now that's as far so they melanie's having the dream of the sperm donor pageant. This is the episode. I like that. I thought that was kind of cute. I kind of wanted to. I wanted to be a little more specific. I would've loved to have seen a top three or at least have them have a whole conversation about a first runner up or something. I thought that would have been really funny. Did you notice this cute little moment where we see injustice in holding hands, like as the winner is being announced, oh, my that. Just like you know, beauty pageant like, oh, we're so each other, you get it, you get it. That's funny. That's a good detail. I need to go back just to catch that. I like this runner here. The little pageant was funny. I, I liked it. It was campy, but neat. I love it. Then the next scene, they're, they're trying to work through this the possibilities because again, Melanie, has put her put her foot down in that nothing that comes out of Bryan's peanuts will be entering her. There's an interesting little moment where we, I get a glimpse that she has not at all down with that. That's where she gets up from bed after she wakes up in closes the window car scuttling cut to a shot outside of their house, looking up at the brick with the rain and the lightning. I thought it was really nice. It was just a really quick exterior, but very specific one. I don't think it meant that much, but it was a nice stylistic piece in the show because normally in a sound stage show the exteriors are rare. I don't even know if this was a relaxed here, but I really like that waking up in the middle of the night. It's raining, it's thunder, storming, you get up, you close the window. You're like, oh, storm. Then you go back to bed. I like that doesn't Ted seem like the perfect sperm donor though. I mean, I would think. So. Why wouldn't Melanie of gun directly to him because they're like BFF's. Right, right. Like we even saw them like have lunch together, they win shopping together. They were having. I thought that made the most sense out of everybody. Yeah, totally. But then the the they had like a no moment and I just I, I was perfect. Yeah. And I'm like, they land on Michael? Yeah, I n issue with the way that they dropped this bomb on him. He's just sitting there talking to gusts in they say, and we'd like you to be the father. The, yeah, they were kind of buttering him of saying how wonderful he is with guys and somehow because he managed to tame the little prick. Yeah, it's like in dad mode. He didn't win. He bought his love. He gave them a bunch of free comics. So of course, the kids go to like him. I will say something. I've really, really liked. You're speaking about that exterior shot this edit that happened where he has just been given the news that they like him to be the father, and then it cuts to him being in his room with Ben, having just heard the news. I thought that was pretty neat. Ben's mouth is a gape. He's like, they want you to do a what. Then that's turned into a very hot fuck in the shower. One per episode, I guess, is the role now? Yes. Can we talk about the design of that bathroom? I know set to that arch that arch it like the shower is built in this arch tub is, is it really just the tub that has a like an alcove or what? I couldn't figure it out because the shower curtain was going all the way around. It seemed, I believe it was a claw foot tub. Okay. Under the arch with a curtain at does go all the way round. Okay. Just my very strange, very strange way to build a bathroom in that apartment. They get it on in there. Right. Well, that's because there was that moment where the steroid vile fell out of close. So quickly covered that up and that I don't know if him possibly almost getting caught is what made him. So lusty. It was like, I need to. I need to distract him a fuck them in the shower. Mony goes law. Michael after Michael warns the difference between sperm donor and father way, and all you have to do is I'm this. Donor grease. No parental rights. Visitation strictly by permission. What's all this? I thought this was a pretty reasonable tie in back to Brian ninety mmediately signing over his parental rights to the dykes that are spanned half of season one. This was a nice kind of call back to that now, wasn't Michael privy to the drama that happened with all of that? Yeah, of course. So then you would think, I guess, which is why he got upset well, and to me, I would have been like, you didn't learn anything from that moment from that whole thing that maybe this is what they were going to land on you or understanding their position as well. It seemed to me that he, he thought he was going to be the father the way Brian is kind of the father. Well, he did. He did and that's why he was upset about it. And that's why he walked out of the well. He didn't say, hey, I think the lesbians terms were very reasonable because again, that allows them to be involved in the child's life just means the lesbians are going to be around. Why is that so bad? Yeah, I think he. Once he saw the legal ease of a, that's where he started to realize that he would have literally no involvement, no rights. So that's that's what I believe really set him up there. I can buy that accolade about good agreement. Look, I already told you, we know. That's why we decided to amend some of the fine points.

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