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And really, I'm going out How a 50 here west of the interstate, and I see one vehicle on the road. There aren't a lot of cars out. I'm going to assume everybody at home. But if you go into the ditch just down the hall on the right away, we'll come help you no matter what. No Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, we know you're gonna be out there helping people and enjoy that snowmobiling. Later on this morning, my family's all smiles. We'll be having a good car. Okay. Thanks for joining us today. Kenosha County Sheriff David Path on the WTMJ hotline. We're coming up to 8 38 on wtmj. We've got some tips for you If you are out there shoveling the snow, especially if you don't have a snow blower and also joining us in just a couple minutes is storm team for meteorologists where risk will listen. She's got more information for you as to what to expect the rest of the day around southeastern Wisconsin. It's a 39. Hey, Giacomo. What is the secret ingredient that makes Palermo's Wisconsin's hometown pizza? Well, let me think, Angelo. You know, some people think it's our great crust. Others think it's our savory sauces, but it's really are people. That's right. That's why we partnered with workforce Health at Freighter and the Medical College of Wisconsin. You know, we have over 600 people working really hard for us and workforce. Health keeps him going strong. Yeah, they customize the program just for us three times a week. They offer on site, medical care, health strings and more. And you know our employees love it. And while.

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