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You said sort of the longer term landscape option, instead of that flash in a PAN would put some impatience that are just GonNa die soon as the fraud came. You know get over that. Yeah! Yeah Yeah, and so another group that I think in earlier correspondence we both agreed is an obsession are the milk weeds, and whenever I think of like Perry Rocky Areas I get really excited about different weeds growing up. It was incur data to species I love deeply, but I like to see variety right, and you've probably got a exposure to a lot of really cool milk weeds. I don't know when I first became obsessed with that route plants, but I really am obsessed that Vance on the first time I. Ever grew was sleepiest to Barrosa. Just and the reason I found. It was because it's one of the few Bright Orange Flower Reynolds. Edit was one of the few mope weeds that was available at the nurseries was never called milkweed. It was called butterfly. I even know of one guard center that I was a teenager used to sell up. Is Orange glory flower because? By anything with leader, McConnell, name and butterfly weed does not like transplanting. It has a gear by tap roots. It's the last prince out of the ground in the spring, and it's not. It wasn't entirely reliable I was looking at. I think I know your relatives. And eventually eventually figured out that the relatives that was recognizing were Hoya. House was like your flowers are remarkably similar to a Hoya and I discovered later. They're both same family. One is tropical in temperate, and so that one I have liked for a long time, but it's not one hundred percent reliable Mike Climate for native milk weeds. We have Manitoba has serious and in her. NATTA occasionally has in our NATTA. It's rare spiezio size ladies. The Western milkweed or the showy milkweed is actually one of the few. That is actually weedy. While it's, it can be very of in the Martin I would not put five space. It hates disturbance. It's really hard for centers. Sell it because they do not want to be in container. They have running rights. I have seen shown the Western world. We pushed through Ashphalt will. It is ridiculous and relentless commits me secretly. The. Flowers are which fragrance and they are instead of being a little cluster cluster actually involves which I find interesting holidays Lovett's. It's really really easy to Germany. where he wanted to live. And it does actually it's for acreage in large gardens. rubrics read. It's very useful at. It's very well adapted to our flowers in June when moisture is abundant and by the middle of summer. It's you know it's was big. Deep roots are moisture. You often get really good fall color on it's it's usually yellow and quite vivid and quite showy, and the seed pods are needs. I had a big bouquet of those dried seedpods in my living room for launch. Nice, and the the fluff from the weeds is collected by earls shocks like that to line their winter burrows whether sleeping. and birds will use the following year for nesting material so I always say the milkweed. You're a very useful. More plant that contributes so I like that one I can't use it very often. sleepiest folio is native here. It's little. It's maybe a foot tall, but it's it's huge I didn't find it showy in the garden and so small, so if I grown again and it's easy to germinate. I would have to plant it somewhere where it could be appreciated close because while it is very pretty, it's not flashy, right. So, and then we have one complete Weirdo which is the green milkweed sleepiest Baretta Flora. Which is usually pretty small at his big leathery leaves and weird green flowers at. It's not at all showing the first time I found it I was like what is this? The first place I ever found it was writing on stone provincial heart, which is in southeastern number, thirty meters north of the Montana border, and it's in an environment where there is cactus rattlesnakes, and you know things that people don't expect candidates have and in amongst in amongst -at's that's green milkweed Bros, and it's just. I've never collected seed from it. I've never I've never tried to grow it because it's I. Don't know what I would do with it or where. But it's it's neat. I like knowing it's near. And I know see rose sometimes some of the more tropical species as annuals. I grow sleepiest per. Which is Mexican and I growth as an annual big tops planters I love it, and there's one that I don't know if you've ever been to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I have just an Austin Texas which is like there's lots of reasons to go to Texas that was mine, and it was amazing at that was where I fell in love with Scorpius. Ruled out. I saw that there have been coveting ever since it is sort of a pale green with dark violet or burgundy areas, and I said what is this? How do I make the rest of my life about? They didn't have I was there at the wrong side of the year? They do sell seeds, but they didn't have any available that time. I have never been able to find a seat source for his asked ruler at. My levels of happiness would would skyrocket significantly you. Have that in my life, and I know it would not survive the winter. I know that. The. Annual? I love that genus not that seeds pollinators I love the weird way that they trap butterflies pollinating I love that monarch caterpillars are the only caterpillars that are genuinely Chook, little, black and yellow racing stripe. I, think milk weeds are just. They are so diverse, and they come in so many colors and the. Different shapes different sizes. Some of them are sentenced. Some of them are some of them are adapted to dry some wet. You know the World Milkweed A. Ladda has. Ramped like leaves and I'm like you're so elegant and sophisticated. How Sad! This beautiful genus you know has weighed in the common name there and also I like anything poisonous like full disclosure like men like to drive race cars, and some men like to collect. and. I like to things that could kill you and I. Don't know what. Micro Milk Leads I. Feel dangerous and you know like. Like having poisonous things in the Garden Nancy just me my friends. The errands from this podcast you we, we talked about growing a devils Gardner, just like a poisoners guardian of just same thing, the theme of plants that can kill you run at your own risk..

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