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Team. Oh, Detroit. They were both in Detroit, okay? Don Akashic. Uh, now it's all Canadians. Oh, yeah, That's right. Uh oh. Hashtag, by the way, is 12th overall, okay? He's the he's the highest non Canadian Mike Vernon. Correct. Number eight. Those are your top 10 all time playoff wins for goaltenders. She's The most impressive goalie list. Some of it and the list in the back part. Good tribute and in terms of all time wins for goalies. It's Marty Birder obviously. Number one, Patrick, one Number two, and Marc Andre Fleury, number three, passing Roberto Longo this year and at Belfour amongst others. No longer is not on the goalie playoff list, though, right? They didn't I take it He was his teams were not in there enough for him to know. Yeah, I can tell you where he is, if you want. Yeah, we're keep right because Vancouver, Florida Islanders have tried thing. How many times he would have been in the playoffs? Well, they never won a series in Florida. Did they? Not with him? No, I don't think so. Not with them. Right. They haven't won since. Every once in 95 Yeah, longer is 34 postseason wins. He's 40th all times He's behind Carey Price, who is 38, the longer is going to the Hall of Fame. He was so good throughout the years, even though he played for terrible teams. No, no, I was a text from Chris Baker. Mike Vernon. Chris, Where were you five minutes ago. And by the way, Lubango is well liked to set matters. He's listening on the man. You're right. He's going to get delayed signal. Thank you. Thank you, anyway. Chris. Hey, Would you tell your dogs to keep it down? We're doing a radio show. I got one dog barking at the other because one dog wants to play in the other dog is just stonewall. Ignoring These are the mornings around here. Hmm. I put my video of goose and turning him into a dock dog. I did. I saw him jump in. It was a nice nice leap. So proud of dogs love water. That's Certain breeds do a doc is scary, though, like our dog loved the pool, but he could always swim right to the steps. I mean, I would. I don't know I would have done jumping off a dark. Let's It's dangerous for me to think about doing it. I was a slow build up process to get him to get into water. Swim. Enjoy that. Jump into water, and then the running jump off a dock. It looked like you had good form. He's all about it. Yeah, he loves it now..

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