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Don't give a shit about this and on top of all when I tasted the cheese with. The tons of white truffle. It was maybe the single best buy the food I've ever had because it was not remotely close to anything I've tasted in my life. It didn't make any fucking sense effectively again, it's a tiny blue cheese and it's incredibly pungent and fierce and I don't know why. But I put a disconnect because I thought, oh. Why truffles have to be treated carefully and delicately but the reality is the flavors gnarly to and when you combine that together, it just actually balanced each other out and it was like I don't know fucking Shit. Fuck and shit this is amazing. I love that. Vietnam I have not been view now I haven't either the reason why I'm saving it. I think the food of anonymous. So beautiful. So if I go there I, want to spend like a couple of months at least. Yeah. Okay. Spain. Okay. I'll give you Spain. I'll take Spain because it was the most memorable meal Omar Great. So I was filming lucky peach which got renamed minded a chef and I was there again doing another culinary conference and when I say colony conference, I like fashion shows you go in front of Bunch of people and You show them the latest techniques in the shit that you're working on a your restaurants and have all these other friends and great chess you Daniel Balloon widely defraigne and Tony Gordon was there when you go to these culinary conferences, you were fed like a fucking pig, the best ship the Best Ibero Ham Caviar you name Oh my God and Spain you cannot eat any vegetables. It just doesn't it's all meat there's no green leafy vegetables. I. Swear to God. In Spain I go to McDonald's for that little fucking salad. Cup because that's the only fucking place. You can get something that's not a can white asparagus something can't everything's canned fucking vegetables or pork or beef, and you crave vegetables and fruit, and we're tired of drinking 'cause in San Sebastian where we were at, they drink giant goblets of gin tonics. I know it's fucking insane. I don't even know how became the drink of that area, but we're talking about like double big gulps. It's only if glass they have for GIN and tonics, they're like sixty four you're like how the fun. On This is fucking weird. The bars they're just serve GIN and tonic. There's no other fucking drink giant goblins Gin and tonic your so fucking drunk, you're so full and you've been eating so well, the last thing you WanNa do is honestly sound. So noxious you get tired of eating. So that's where we're all at the last night and so many of the restaurants in San Sebastian are in the countryside ninety minutes outside the city and I remember drinking the tonic Tony Daniel blue and widely defraying faulk. Go this restaurant Turbo this beautiful flatfish, it's probably my favorite fish in the world to eat and they're like fucking turbo God I can't eat another guy turbo and we're coming up with reasons of how not to go there and maybe if we just keep on drinking, we won't have to go. So we got fucking Shit faced at one of the GIN and tonic bars. That's always a great business daily. and. That's thing I know the the vendor like you have to go. So I don't even remember much of how he got into a car getting to this restaurant, but it's now packed with all the ten dis and we are fed up with the best of the best and we're all sitting out this giant table..

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