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Ricco off Ricco Rico alright welcome to talk Jarrett goes the PA thunder and rock and Roll and Today Gabriel Iglesias Aka Fluffy is is the host of Chris Jericho's rocket rangers. CPR and it's making us talk as Jericho debut today I went to the secret fluffy compounds somewhere just outside of Los Angeles sat down with him and his Museum of VW Bugs and buses and talk to him about everything from comedy to cars the cruise. We also talked wrestling because as you guys know. Are you gonNA find out if you don't fluffy is a big wrestling fan he even went to aws debut show in Las Vegas earlier this year so let's get our laugh on with Gabriel Iglesias. Thanks impart to the sponsor made this interview possible and that's boost mobile. I wouldn't have found fluffy's compound without the GPS APP on my phone so here's the unlimited data and here's the fluffy not right now on Jericho those of you that don't remember. I used to say that there were five levels reason why say used to say hey is because now there are six. I met the new one in LAS cruces original. Five levels are big healthy. Husky Fluffy people ask what could be bigger than the new levels called all hail here undisclosed location fluffy's compound and this is super impressive of man like you've got a whole fleet. VW buses and you've got pictures on the wall of everybody perform with and you got transam you got boxes of Funk oh POPs and merged and everything it's like. It's kind of like the ultimate man cave is a stupid man cave it is clearly. I found something in Iran with it. Yeah we made you decide to do this. I don't have a drug problem so I had to spend the money somewhere but hey we'll do some rails. Get some buses. Let's get some buses why VW buses that was my first car. It was my first car and so what happened and was is that I paid a visit to Jay. Leno's garage and his is not a garage man. It's just it's four hundred cars and ten thousand motorcycles and it's insane and I spoke to Jay and he goes well. Listen he goes. I asked him why so many he goes. Why have fun with him. He goes plus. It's one of those things where everything goes up in value he goes. I'm having fun but if I should decide a Saudi thing which is rare he goes. I'm not losing money and I was like okay cool and I talked to his car guys who are also Seinfeld's Infos car guys who are also Tim Allen's car guys and they said well are you. Are you looking for anything and I said well you know at the time I my girlfriend her first car there was a nineteen seventy-nine transam says hey can you help me find this car so I can get it for her for for Christmas and there within hours they call me back. They said we've got pictures to send you and I was like Oh my God. This is so cool next thing I know. I don't get the car but it's too early. It's still October. Christmases aways away and Leno Goes Wolf. You like you can leave the car here. You know he's got the space for it. He goes and then when it's Christmas time bring her by he goes and she can pick it up here and I'm like that's awesome so once I got to her car. They said well. If you ever need anything else I said well you know. Since my girl got her first car back I wouldn't mind having my first Volkswagen Volkswagen and I told them what kind of car and within hours they had pictures for me and so I said Okay and then they said if you ever want another one let us know and I said well. If you see something cool. Let me know the next day hey they go. We got another one and literally this collection of of buses happening in under a year. That's that's super cool like. My first car was a seventy six volare. Oh Wow like old school and the they had moved. It was called three on the tree. The manual transmission were the drive shaft will be in the wheel but they take it off and stuck it into the floor so it was backwards so reverse would be like where you're going into first gear and I gear would be like where reverse would be very strange so that was that was how I learned how to drive with an automatic transmission. So the first time I had a real mattress location I would always stick it into I think it was reverse and scratch the front. But how did you end up getting A. Vw Bug is your for Volkswagen. Is your first car. That was the only option you gotTA figure. At the time I was seventeen years old. times are tough and I like right now. Times are tough and even though Volkswagen buses does are very very. They're collectibles in the you know upwards of two hundred thousand dollars at the time. I had a bus that I bought for four hundred. My brother helped me pay for the rest rest of it and it wasn't running. It was eight different shades of gray. Yeah primer powder coat had cry. Lon- I mean it was everything it was all kinds of different colors and he says look man. This is easy to work on its four bolts. What will rebuild an engine. We'll have this thing up and running and sure enough. You know within a couple of weeks we had that car up and running problem with the bus is that you know unless you're on top of it man. You're you're GONNA WANNA pushing it at some point. Oh you WANNA pushing it at at some point and so but that's kind of a cool car when you have a bunch of friends of the bring the girls with you and you got a little girl wanted to get in that freaking that they look like a hurt Zebra. It was bad it was cheap. What is it with the communities and cars things like you said you mentioned Jay and you said Seinfeld is car collector too. Oh yeah yeah well. There's there next level. Seinfeld has has warehouses here in. La And New York fullest collections and Jay has a huge collection in Burbank. I'm not giving nothing away by the way about it and so I have I want to be known as the Volkswagen Guy Jason he he asks he goes Kinda Boring. You have the same car over and over and over but it's a cool car. it's a cool car and again every time. I get one. It goes up in value. It's the Volkswagen bus museum what you were saying. I I love it. I love the bus and there's more buses than bugs because it's a bus museum right right and like you said when when you're not on this planet anymore you WanNa turn the turning this into Mexican graceland on putting a I've let it be known that the public can come in. Don't forget the by fluffy t shirt on the way out you know people point at the pictures you know and we're fluffy like the eaten over. Here's where he lives now. Let me ask you. I'm sure you've been asked a million times. I honestly don't know what what is what fluffy come from. fluffy is just a nickname from back in the day. I call myself fat or on my mom and she said all equal. You're you're not fat. You're fluffy and it stuck. I talked about it on stage. At the end of the night. People would say good job lucky and I was like really I go Gabriel. You know fluffy stuck the half my name's already famous the last things Iglesias that's already famous. I gotTa work on Gabriel and it was one of those things where fluffy stuck and I could either drop the joke which at the time I didn't have a lot of material I had fifteen. Maybe fifty minutes of material to my name and fluffy was one of the bits and I'm like do I drop it and it was one of those I eventually learned to embrace it and I marketed in branded it so now I own the word fluffy. If you go online right now Google being whatever you WanNa do put in the Lord Fluffy on the first thing that comes up really. You've you've trademark that term. I've done it so much I i. You know I come before bunnies quilts comforters fabric softener softener pillows any other fluffy things you can think of the number one floppies Pomeranians. Hey I beat Pomeranians people. If that's when you know you made needed but it's a very very pro wrestling idea to have a gimmick fluffy's or gimmick so let me tell you something I was very very inspired aspired over the years of being a huge wrestling fan by the way things you know the the things that that Vincent it you know it's like hey manny get a great product. You market you package it you you you don't you don't skimp on the on the marketing and the branding you make sure that you you put out a really good product. Correct and people will will follow and I mean I've studied the the merch. I've studied the you know the the way. The production is I'm. I'm a big production guy so I like angles colors that kind of equipment. That's being used the amount of cameras the editing and the on the fly editing and so mad. It's like an always evolving and evolving you know every other new theme song every year. There's like okay. There's let's try this this try this always changing always evolving always growing and so. I applied at the business I made sure that you know I'm not putting out these hokey frigging two dollar t shirts. I make sure that it's good quality. I make sure that the the the Silkscreen is good good quality. I make sure that there's little tags little details. You know any of the stuff whether it's a bobblehead or or or coasters or you know pens or hats or whatever I make sure that it's it's good quality. It doesn't look like it's it belongs at the flea. Market in everything has has good good value to it. I'm really excited about the advent. The funk OPA because bobbleheads really freaked me out. My bobble head looked like Kurt Cobaine. They cut my hair off like at the Chin because he couldn't have long bobble head and this is really creepy for me. I don't like it but I see you've got the boxes of Fungal. POPs of their phone calls cute. The phone calls just cute. I had no idea how big of a following huge I knew that it was big. I didn't know that it was to the point where people people are crazy. People are crazy collecting them you mean. AM The funchal fanatics their next level they are next level and that's a whole new world got exposed to recently I reached out to Funchal pop a few years ago and I says hey I'm I'm interested in having a funchal mate and they're like well. You know you're not really are brand. But what do you mean. I'm not really your brand. Goma comedian have been on television. you know. I've had have an online presence. I think definitely your brand and they're like we don't think so and and so they turned me down and then I approached him a few years later and I says well look ago. It's me again and the word he told you you know you don't fit our brand this and this and that and I go I says well. I'd like to at least be given an opportunity. I'd go out. I'll take the hit myself. I'm not saying you guys GonNa Make It. I go I'll invest in myself and the like really and I go yeah you just let me know and I says I I'm happy to do it. I'm the first one to do that. Wow I went out and approach them and I gave them money to get this done interesting and so right out the gate they he said they said all right well you know we needed to positive such and such and it was over one hundred and I says okay wait. Wait wait wait. You sure sure we need it all at once. I got you. I got you and so they want. VW Bus caught them off guard because I think they were trying to scare me away throwing the thought you were bluffing and as soon as sucker cleared they're like Oh yes..

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