Donald Trump, Chief Executive, Tucson Arizona Medical Centers Hospital discussed on Larry Elder


Trump says this is because more people are being tested but there appears to be a lot more factors including an increasing number of people are simply not engaging in social distancing not wearing masks we'll talk to Dr strong about whether or not it is true that states have reopened to soon that's what some people are saying the numbers are definitely scary says chief executive of Tucson Arizona Medical Centers hospital with more than five hundred beds that serve patients across southern Arizona she said when we started opening up the state we merely saw pictures of people packing into bars at night and celebrating it feels like we did too much too fast and now we're paying the price in the quote Californian sections are also up thirty two percent the last two weeks according to the governor yeah I told you about the peace I was in L. kick headline media Norris ninety percent corona virus death class collapse in country it's written a few days ago and it notes that the deaths from corona virus declined from a high of April twenty one two thousand six hundred ninety three people died and then on Sunday two hundred sixty nine fifty seven people died that's a ninety percent drop in deaths in the space of two months call but the media mostly ignored it in favor of continuing embrace of what he calls fear porn also according to the Wall Street journal we talked about this yesterday when analysis was done comparing the forty two states that shut down most of their economies to the eight they did not now to be sure the eight did not win largely rural states north and South Dakota Nebraska Iowa Arkansas Oklahoma Wyoming Utah private employment fell in both sets of states thirteen point two percent in the states are mostly shut down the economy is seven point eight percent in those did not.

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