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Cece with your thoughts at 51283605 90. 10 11 with Mark and Melinda News. Radio Kale, BJ. Hi. Uh, Does anybody want breakfast? Guys. Let's go. Later for McDonald's in five seconds. Why won't that breakfast stampede meal? It's only at McDonald's where there's a meal for every morning. And nothing says morning like a classic sausage McMuffin with egg right now, get this all time favorite for just two bucks on the $123 menu. Pricing participation. A very cannot be combined with any other offer a combo meal, but Oppa, Papa! When you're ready to ride Metro, we want you to know we're ready for you. Here are just a few of the people at Metro to tell you how we're doing our part to keep riders safe. We're cleaning like never before the hospital. Great. Clean your fan. Hands down. 1000 station all over the Metro. No mask. No match. Throw me one. We have a few extras at Metro. We're doing our part to keep the D C area moving. Find out more. It will model com slash doing our part. Me. Me, me, me, me, but also you the payroll fast forwards his favorite or in film, but that the powdered doughnut, Okay, What's my line Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive. Oh, man, that's a time. Twister, huh? I'm sorry. I'm gonna need a few more minutes. Hold this world risked a bulbous world risk the name your price tool only from progressive. The hour and afoul of the comatose coxswain Chris Casualty insurance, opening the billion special coverage much like domestic law. What can give you a competitive edge in today's red hot housing market rocket can. That's because Rocket mortgage can give you a verified approval. It could help your offer. Stand out. Rocket technology provides a rock solid verification of your income assets and credit giving sellers. Greater confidence in you go to rocket mortgage dot com. Or cause today at 833 rocket of everybody, probably based.

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