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Today in Lake Forest, NBA, Atlanta and the Clippers both win to tie their series. David W. G n Sport and now the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center. Here's meteorologist. Morgan Coke. Meyer. Good morning comfortable Start this morning Temps are in the fifties and sixties Dew points in the fifties as well, Very comfortable. Dry air here today and through the rest of your afternoon and stir tomorrow this morning, Upper sixties in the city, but dropping a little bit before we climb back up into the upper seventies. This afternoon winds will be northeasterly 5 to 15 gusting to 25. That'll keep lakeside readings cooler in the upper sixties and low seventies later today, Tonight, temperatures fall to the mid fifties. Tomorrow, upper seventies cooler lakeside once again from the WGN Weather Center. I'm Morgan Coke mired 63. Partly cloudy at O'Hare right now, 67 along the lakefront in Gary. It's 54. Now, your money on W G N U. S stock futures are flat this morning, and global stocks are mostly higher in Europe and in Asia, after gains in several big tech companies, including Apple helped nudge the S and P 500 NASDAQ to record highs yesterday. In trading this morning in London, Paris and Frankfurt markets are up in London, up nearly a third in Frankfurt of nearly a half a percent same story in Paris. In Asian trading, Tokyo's Nikkei closed nearly 1% higher. The index in Seoul gained nearly two tons of represent in Hong Kong. The market lost three quarters in China, the Shanghai composite shed nearly a full percent Wall Street S and P. NASDAQ and Dow futures are all generally flat as we head to the opening bell. Federal regulators now investigating Amazon electronics. After some of the products reportedly burst into flames, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into at least eight products sold under the Amazon basics brand..

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