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But despite her supposed successes all is not well for Rosie Ruiz in the days and weeks following her surprisingly strong finish in the New York Marathon. She began to feel increasingly nervous. Her fraudulent act hadn't just impressed her roommates and friends. It had also created expectations among her co workers and her boss but now had to be met. She couldn't risk letting them all down even worse if she performed badly in Boston she'd risked revealing that her New York Marathon. Finish with a lie so she trained with the intention of running the full race in addition to wanting to prove herself rees also knew that her cheat in. Newark wasn't guaranteed to work in Boston. Which was a more prestigious race with greater media attention and scrutiny in the five months between the New York Marathon and the Boston Marathon? Ruis ran as much as she could. Outside of work as the race approached in the spring of one thousand nine hundred eighty however rees likely knew she wasn't ready. The truth was she wouldn't be able to legitimately come close to the two hours fifty six minutes. She supposedly accomplished in New York and it was even more likely that she wouldn't be able to finish the race at all but she couldn't quit. She had to see it through on April twentieth. Nineteen eighty the night before the marathon. Ruiz called her mother in Miami. She asked her mother to pray for her and said that she needed to win. Her mother applied that she always prayed for the next morning. Rees left her hotel and walk to the starting area of the Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon. It would be the most consequential day of her entire life. When we come back Rosie Ruis takes on the Boston Marathon. It's Carter. I am happy to announce the launch of our new podcast series supernatural. With Ashley. Flowers has been a great success. It's a show where all very proud of here at podcast and we thank you for listening. 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Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now Back to the story as twenty six year old Rosie. Ruiz stepped up to the starting line of the Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon. She felt a huge amount of pressure to perform. Not only did she feel a personal pressure to replicate her supposedly great finish in the one thousand nine hundred seventy nine New York marathon but she also felt as though she was carrying the burden of the women who came before her. She couldn't let herself do significantly worse in Boston. Let alone fail to finish and risk revealing that. Her performance in New York was ally too much was at stake her reputation her job and possibly even the reputation of women's long distance running the Boston. Marathon was one of the first races established after the eighteen ninety six Olympics and was first held one year later on April. Nineteenth 1897 quickly established itself as one of the most respected and celebrated running events the world and remains today. The world's oldest annual marathon marathons I began. They were only open to male runners and it took nearly seventy five years for the Boston Marathon to be open to women in nineteen sixty six twenty four old. Roberta Gibbs submitted an application for the Boston marathon but was rejected by the race director. Who stated that women were physiologically incapable of running long distances? Give refuse to accept that instead. She took a bus from San Diego to Boston and hid in the bushes as the race started. After a few moments and wearing a bulky sweater she surreptitiously jumped into the crowd of runners within a few minutes. The runners around realize that Gabe was a woman gave her their support. After they told Gibbs that they wouldn't let the race organizers. Throw her out give took offer sweatshirt and revealed her gender by the end of the marathon. She was a celebrity. The Governor of Massachusetts arrived to shake her hand as she crossed the finish line. Still the race refused to allow women but give had inspired them to run it anyway. The next year twenty nine year old Katherine Switzer registered as a male to get a number and penny then finished the race. Despite race officials attempt to physically remove her from the race. Thanks to the efforts of women like give and Switzer the Amateur Athletics Union finally permitted women to running marathons in nineteen seventy two that year. Eight women started the race and all finished by the time Rosie. Ruiz arrived in Boston in one. Thousand nine hundred eighty. The number of women running had risen to four hundred fifty six still a fraction compared to the five thousand male runners when Rosie ries woke up on the morning of April twenty first nineteen eighty. She may have intended on running the race legitimately despite her lies about finishing in the New York Marathon. She might have still been conflicted about doing the same in Boston and may have wanted to prove to herself that she could run the entire race but cheating was always an option. The weather was warm that morning when Rosie Ruiz left her hotel. She took the train to the suburb of. Hopkinton where she met. Four hundred and fifty five other women and over five thousand men at the starting line of the marathon. She received the official number W fifty signifying that. She was the fiftieth ranked woman in the race. Thanks to her supposed finish in New York Jacqueline Guerrero. A Canadian runner was the favourite to win the women's race. She'd won the National Capital Marathon Ottawa. The year before and many of the spectators in Boston that day were there to see if Garo could win another Gero stiffest competition was with American Patti. Lyons who came in second in the New York Marathon. Twenty six year old. Rosie Ruis was not on anyone to radar despite her high rank and her strong finish in New York but ruis was there to win and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve. First place the starting gun was fired. Fans cheered as Rosy Ruis and a five thousand other runners set off on the twenty six mile journey shoulder to shoulder in a massive swarm. It wasn't long before her legs and feet to tire. Her breathing became more labored. Deep down understood that Oliver Training hadn't truly prepared her for a full marathon. She was never going to finish all twenty six miles not long into the race. Release had a momentous decision to make..

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