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Dr number three was shot in Frank Maryland's wakeup call and coming up with this shower. These stinking rotten rat. Is to be released in about a month and a half. Where would they go? And why would even be released is the question will ask also should publishing and broadcasting names of terrorists be banned. That is what the new Zealand Prime Minister is suggesting we'll take a look at that story and more big supreme court win for the president on the illegals coming up in about thirty minutes and still to come here on the program. Maryland, Democrats are accusing governor HOGAN of using a white nationalism dog whistle. And you want to be bipartisan, this is what you get. And the FOX volleys continue for Fox News is not good. Not good. This is one of those stories we covered back in two thousand and four. There was an early days of what was happening in Afghanistan. A small group of operatives went in to help local Afghans to fight the Taliban. And one of those was a CIA operative. See officer by the name of Johnny, Mike Spann. One of these days Hollywood, I'll make a movie about these Braves operatives in what they did in the early days of the campaign. But there was a Garba name of John Walker Lindh. A convert to Islam. He took the name Obdulio Mead. Abu sulayman. And in the battle of Mazar schrief and qala-i-jangi was the battle. It was in the Mazari Sharif area. The stinking rotten rat was captured as an enemy combatant during the us invasion of Afghanistan. He was captured and detained at a fortress. He took part against the United States in the battle of color. I'll Jangi a violent uprising of Taliban prisoners during which CIT officer Mike Spann was killed. Just before his death. The CIA agent American hero. Mike Spann interviewed. This trader. And span was killed when Muslim prisoners emerged from their fortress rushed the guards threw grenades and grabbed their captors rifles and the stinking rotten rat. Was one of them. At the time. He was reviled by the American people. He was public enemy number one American knew what was what then. Eighteen years later, we are under siege. Consumed by the enemy who dictates who. We are what we can. And cannot say Mike Spann is an American hero a war hero. But the stinking rotten rat is about to walk free. He's scheduled to be released in may. And this is what happens. I mean. He should have been charged with treason, he could met the death penalty should faced a firing squad for his actions. Instead, this is what happens when you get into the criminal injustice system with a leftist lawyers leftist judges and the like here in America today. A guy was responsible for the death and Mike Spann and his widow and it's two children. Well, not know their husband or father any longer, but the stinking rotten rat continues to draw breath. And he was sent to twenty years in prison again he should have been executed death penalty. He's going to be released in may Frank. And by the way. He has not denounce. This Llamas, the national counter ISM terms terror center pen to document two years ago, claiming the sticking rotten rat. He's not sorry. He says he will continue to advocate for global jihad. He will write and translate violent extremists texts and he's not sorry for his actions. He will continue to spread his brand of extremism in the name of Islam when he is released. He's toys warned us. He's told us now he's not gonna be here in the United States. He's announced he's going to Ireland. This guy should be now an international pariah. There should be no country in the world, except he wants to go back to Afghantistan or go back to ISIS or whatever the case may be but no western country. No self-respecting country in the world should admit the stinking rotten read into which populace. No. Of course, I just question whether trying to recall now, and I can't recall anyone has there been a terrorist leader were terrorists in general. But a terrorist leader that has been tried in this country and executed. Now, I I know that there have been some that have been killed on the battlefield, but I don't know of any who have come here to this country to be tried on different charges. That has been executed. I always thought somebody would be perpetrating terrorist attack when you're on on the country or even being successful in doing so a qualified for execution. This is why they use our own system to defeat us. I mean, you know, how stupider we how stupider we regard that killed an American hero. He gets twenty years twenty years in prison. Now, he's going to be a two thousand one. So he's going to be out in may. So he was convicted four so he basically serve fifteen of the twenty years when a federal sense that's pretty good. You've got people still you've got people who have been found guilty of distributing marijuana has gotten more time than that. So again, he he's he's going to pick up right where you left off. And then if I'm the the British government, if I'm I'm in Ireland is I've flagged this guy's passport. No way. Disea- get admission into Ireland. And of Great Britain does that they they take a convicted terrorist to to live among so then, you know, it's just a matter of time before because you know, he's he's had a long time to think about how he's going to get revenge. You're right. We're not. We don't execute. These people should they're enemy combatants. They should go to Geico. And they should be tried by military tribunal and given the death penalty for waging war against the United States of America. Especially where they don't renounce other terrorist activities. But this is what we do in. This country is was under a different administration was.

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