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Td on podcast. Let's talk one episode down many many more to go but happened to be on with you guys. Although i'm not a writer so this feels a little bit out of my element. Either john green for that matter in that seat. The heating and writers room is presented by keeneland yearling sale. If you haven't noticed keeneland. September is in full swing. Lots of action. We're gonna get to it. And i would as made plans to attend the chemo. September growing sale which goes through next friday september. Twenty four th and you can view the catelli at the world's yearling sale dot com. So we're thrilled to have gaby on this week. She is keen on expert. Both from the sales end the racing side. You on september kicked off. As i mentioned on monday. You've done for booked. One both sessions of book one. Lots of action. I believe thirty horses over seven hundred fifty thousand dollar enough. A bunch of a bunch of million dollar eurowings three the first state of six seven yesterday. The action has really picked up through the end of book. One book two starts tomorrow. I believe after today's day. One of the Tossed to gabby mostly for this. Because she's knows a lot more than me she's on. The ground is acting to me. One of the the overarching dame's of one of the things that i noticed early was justifying how popular justify as you would expect that with a triple crown winner But he's got. I mean seems like everyone that comes in the rain is a huge bidding war for him. And it's it's really exciting to now. Think about seeing forces on track next year is two year old and i'm really excited for him in particular. Because he's a son of stat. Daddy scat daddy was going to be aren't superstar sire. He was probably going to be a legendary generational sira. Unfortunately we've lost him too early so i'm really excited to see him. Carry the flag for stat. Daddy going forward. And i think that's one of the reasons that he so popular. Now the people want that sign of stat daddy early on nonni never is one of the ones. I think that he already has got really really popular. Music coolmore ireland. He started at twenty five thousand euros couple years ago. he's already up four hundred fifty thousand euros steffi. So i think that's a big part of it. Obviously that several crowd is is very attractive for people. But you know these are basically just very very novice layman's Observations gabby has the rail stupid and has been there would have been one of your precious. The first few days gabby obviously prep for the keeneland. September sales starts as soon as the book. Comes out for me back in the catalog and kind of going back to that. You know when. I was looking at the pedigree's you see a lot of justifies. So obviously we've seen a lot of people have confidence Inbreeding to him from the get go. That's why we see them. Show up in book one but also the physical i mean. These horses are absolutely gorgeous. So i think that's what's been really attractive to buyers so far but on top of that we've seen a lot of people come to the sale this year with cheese with the intention of buying those classic pedigrees And obviously we see that with justify him being triple crown winner a bmw woodstock they have a new colts partnership obviously the other partnerships that have been active in years past as well but really paying attention to this classic pedigrees and even the presence of people like yuki mori. You know who are take. He's taking Role his justifies back to japan even mentioned That he thought that they would run well on the turf in japan so i think justify is just hitting many different markets. He's he's I think he's gonna wind up being a pretty versatile stallion as many of these buyers think but overall just the first to the first two sessions of a book one yet. They've been strong in. It's been encouraging to see some new buyers a be the marketplace as well. Yeah i mean that was one of the things that i noticed myself a dark days. Friday move move on dirt older. We got to Starting today and then when you have got to work. But yeah i mean. That's it's the schedule. The format has completely changed this year. And so we had two days of book. One two days of to which begins wednesday thursday. The first dark day is gonna be on friday book. Three starts on saturday and the new sales team. Everybody akin keeneland has incorporated new things this year including the offering of our as which you know horses. That did not sell on monday. Came back and sold on tuesday evening of them dead. So yeah there've been a lot of changes just to add to all the layers of this year sale yet we're gonna talk to the shannon arvin the ceo of human a little bit about the sale and been the thoroughly trends in her early impressions while. But there's i think there's a lot of diversity in terms of our at the top of the list. The first couple of days end buying power. I think gabby makes a good point that i think there have been a lot. I think there are a lot of people that are there this year you can affirm that are there this year. That weren't as involved last year. And just because i think interrupted the sale season enough that people either sent representatives or senate out a little bit more than they normally. What's the and this year the lot. There's a lot of international you mentioned to the. Up mario's their winchell. Thoroughbreds got involved. The other day. I got a one point. Three three five million dollars up into mischief ron winchell. He's been he's been trying to get into mischief That that runs well for a while now and has been able to find ones that you really want to the math for that one was rails farm involved with tabby yesterday Loves topix at one point. Three million dollars on a tap it Just looking at the rest of the buyers may berry farm portland arm. Seahorse siebel spendthrift coolmore. So a lot of diversity at the top of the sale in. It's been really exciting. I think you can speak to this. But how has the feeling ben on the grounds in terms of energy as compared to last year in completely different for obvious reasons. There are a lot of people that were bidding online last year. That couldn't make it to the sale physically. And you know. I think a lot of the international buyers have tried their best to come here to keeneland. They really really really wanna be here. Obviously it's extremely difficult. But caitlin has worked with them and and vice versa to try to get some of these international buyers on the grounds But yeah i would say. The energy is completely different than last year. I think people just didn't really know what to do last year right. It was something that we were developing We're developing covert protocols and procedures and everything just kind of came together in september last year but this year it seems like we have a really good blueprint and were building off of that in just making things a little bit more accessible to buyers just all around but yeah even china horse club. They have a presence here her. I was talking to te'o a couple of days ago and he was really upset that he wasn't able to be at keeneland physically last year and was so excited like he kept on saying over and over again. I'm so excited to physically here this year and obviously they've had a big as sales so far not only from buying a buying standpoint but also a selling standpoint as well so it's just good to see some of those familiar faces back but also the international people coming in and the new buyers. You mentioned jim. Dana bernhardt their new. I mean they're. They're new to partic- near lanes at the september sale. And they already. They came in hot with million dollar horrors And they're really really nice spokesman louisiana's though it's been nice to.

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