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Leave he dan. I'm a thirty six year old lesbian woman. And i'm calling in regards to A lot of bisexual couples being on dating apps and in lesbians basis. So i haven't been in a relationship it about four years and probably about six years since i've been on a dating. I download some lesbian dating absence. Them like regular dating apps and hit women seeking women about one out of every three swipes is a couple With a woman who just came out as bisexual and wants to experiment or they're looking for threesome friends to be kind of annoying But you know moving on We me and my best friend went out to a lesbian bar. We used to frequent a lot before the pandemic kit closed for almost two years opened back up. Go out great time women everywhere dancing. Just fantastic until about midnight. Thirty one o'clock and these couple start showing up eight men and their push him bleed bisexual wives. The men were the ones hitting on all of these women trying to get them to go home with them talk to their wives or girlfriends and it was starting to irritate a lot of the women. There and a lot of people were leaving Fast forward a couple of weeks. We go to a quirky for pride outdoor event and i was late to the party so my best friend was sitting there when i got there. She was very visibly upset. And i asked her what was going on. She said that she had been approached. And hit on by two separate men both Saying that well my wife thinks you really attractive. And so do i and maybe we can hang out and get to know each other better I guy after she told him. I'm a lesbian. And no he just kind of looked offended and last and then the second guy approach during the same thing Proceeded to like keep pushing it and like said everything except for you just haven't found the right. Dick yeah Actually these experiences. I'm starting to get really fed up with this sort of situation. I feel like these straight guys are using their now. Bisexual partner women to infiltrate lesbian spaces. It just seems really uncalled for. Like they're just not reading room and they're really out of their element lake as lesbian. I've had to fight for most of my life just to be like seeing and not be seen as a potential me. If i just had the right dick and when it comes to bisexuality like bisexual seem to have really hard to not be as seen as these legs. Let's fuck everyone all the time like if you're polly great but go into poly clear spaces not just in two lesbian bars. Stick your dick where it doesn't belong. Am i being too sensitive about this issue or do they really just need to stay the fuck out of lesbian faces moore. Twenty-one lesbian bars left in the continental united states lee area explained to us recently on the savage club cast the lesbian bar project trying to save the lesbian bars and not saved them. Were straight guys to bring their girlfriends thereby girlfriends. Their girlfriends to at one o'clock in the morning look in for a woman to have a three way with. That's not what lesbian bars lesbian spaces as rare as they are. It's not what they're four. I think it's better that opposite sex couples who are looking for a a by woman or lesbian woman who wants to hook up with an opposite sex couple better for them to get online better for them to get on dating apps where you can quickly send them packing if you just swipe away in their gone harder to do lesbian bar one. Am if a whole bunch of opposite. Sex couples show up harder to do in a clear space when straight guy. Show up with that kind of straight energy. They just don't take lesbian or no and sort of the same anything there for an answer. God that's fucking your right to be annoyed. Straight guys with bisexual or lesbian girlfriends are often in the position where they're lesbian lesbian. Their bach girlfriends. Want them to make it happen for them and their newly out by girlfriends. Want the boyfriend to make these connections because guys are the initiators guys initiate that. The guys are supposed to do so. It's not always the case. When the guy is out there trying to find a girl to hook up with him and his girlfriend that he's pushing her into it or that it's all about him in his desires. A lot of newly out bisexual women are really shy and aren't used to being the quote unquote aggressors and they will go out with their boyfriends and expect their boyfriends to do what boyfriends do which is to initiate to be the aggressors any guy who does that in a lesbian space. In a way his outed himself as someone who has no right to be in a lesbian space to be bringing that kind of straight male energy and that straight male gaze into a lesbian space is going to ruin it for the lesbians that attracted him and his girlfriend that space in the first place they should know enough and if any of you out there listening are straight guys with newly out by girlfriends. Wanna go to the lesbian barnes. He what might happen. You should know enough that the very least your girlfriend is the one who's going to have to make the approach and you're going to have to hang back but yeah caller that sucks. I don't wanna be accused of 'gate-keeping. But i think straight guy is even by guys..

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