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Best team in the league right now by record which is just shocking to me i don't know what your expectation was sean when gordon hayward went down mind went from best team in the east nimby a finals is the the goal and a realistic goal in an x asian do man hayward is such a significant loss i have them on the road in the opening round i add them from number one team in the east and not that they would cruise past cleveland or anything but i thought they were better i thought they were more talented than cleveland i dropped them from mayor to on the road in the opening round which probably means losing in the opening round right i'm not saying i wrote off that they could be a top fourseater i i scott at the idea i thought they were definitely be a playoff team there to talented not to be a playoff team but i thought they'd be a bottom four playoff team right i thought by new cleveland was better i knew that the wizards were better and that you know my opinion toronto was better than a regular season team i thought i thought a bunch of other teams are gonna be a tossup and too many teams rotas up at the celtics wouldn't be better than all of them milwaukee i thought was better miami i thought was better i thought philly had a chance to be better right and now i i've readjusted to the point where i'm not telling of the celtics are better than cleveland because i i still don't think that i know cleveland's been shaky and up and down but look at what they did when they wanted to play last night against what might be the second best team in the east lebrun pours in 57 they go up one hundred twenty again but they ran roughshod over washington last night lebron got whatever he wanted cleveland is still cleveland there still the best team in the east.

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