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And then we have a really good chance of rain overnight on Wednesday into Thursday. Former Winnie would zookeeper Joseph Maldonado passage now knows the verdict is guilty and his murder for hire trial. The verdict coming this afternoon. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right? He's the man known as Joe exotic and he'd been on trial in Oklahoma City federal court for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill the owner of a Florida, and we'll sanctuary was critical of the way he treated animals at his greater when he would animal park. Carol Baskin was never heard. She successfully sued Maldonado passage in two thousand eleven for trademark infringement in two thousand thirteen judgment ordered. Him to pay one million dollars during the federal trial. The defense claimed Maldonado passage was framed maintain he was all talk and had no intention of wanting Baskin dead. And Joe exotic facing more than thirty years in prison when he is sentenced an airman reported is a wall from Tinker Air Force base has been found safe and sound just a very long way from home. Scott Young was found last night near Saint Paul Minnesota. He left his unit back on March twenty seventh. Tinker officials say they are still investigating what happened to him and a huge drug bust today in the small town of Manford in creek county after about a seven month investigation. Police arrested three family members and found more than two hundred shake and bake meth labs inside a house in the one hundred block of elm street. And Manfred police chief lucky Miller tells local media that it is the largest meth bust. He has ever seen a Bill passed today by the state house common education committee. Would require discussion of consent in a material used by public schools.

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