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That is clearly are a story this morning and one of those include homecoming for loose city. They'll welcome in Hartford athletic, a newcomer to US L soccer. Joining us now to talk about as Lou cities, Howie Lindsey who will be along at nine o'clock that was soccer city radio on seven ninety KRLD. How good morning it is game day. You are home. How's things going for your first home game? It's gonna be a blast. Absolutely, scott. Is going to be a really good time at slugger. We we sold more tickets in the preseason that we've ever sold before. And I think that's gonna turn out to be a big crowd at slugger tonight because you always get the season tickets, then you get walkup tickets. And we were given a bonus that Kentucky game is not right on top of the little city game. So you can watch both if you're a cat fan. And and that was a big bonus. When that when that incidentally. Well, how he coming in is Hartford athletic. They are a new team to USF. I understand right. Yes, they are. They are one of seven new teams in the league this year. The league just keeps expanding and expanding. In fact, in the off season the league that Lou city is in actually split into the really it was a was US L. And of course mobile city won the USO Cup. Now, it's USO championship division. Which is what local city is in and USO one US L too. And they just launched it US L academy. And so that league is just absolutely exploding in popularity and of course, we'll we'll city is right there at the top of that. Well, very nice talking with how he Lindsay from Lou is as lucid he gets ready to make their home opener tonight. Add slugger field, they come in at one and one Harvard athletic is coming in at oh in how what do we know about Hartford athletic event anything they've got a bunch of talent in talking with with coach Hackworth this week. He's talked about how how how many talented players that. They actually have on the roster. But it's clear that they don't know each other yet, they haven't they haven't figured out. Style. Just yet. I think this could be a fairly dangerous team later in the year right now, I should be a win for little city. Coach wouldn't like me saying that should be. Because I think Louisville city is playing better form than than Hartford is the question is, you know, would this be the weekend that they figured out, you know? A team that's still trying to find its identity. It's always scary. If they if they somehow find it while they're playing you. Exactly, right. Allie. Lindsey joining us from blue city as they get ready to welcome in Hartford athletic for their home opener tonight. Kevin Kernan, by the way, has the call on seven ninety WPRO coming up at six forty five pm and certainly team MRs Greg Ranjit Singh, Howie. But how's the goalie position shaping up for Lou city? It is interesting. Right. So they started the first game with Kim and Greg backup last year and and struggled on defense. It wasn't. It wasn't alternates fault. Lost certainly wasn't on him. But things just didn't click and an all throughout that that next week. He pushed him practice by the the the big German, the six foot six and a half goalkeeper named Ben Lunt. And and Ben started in goal in this last game so game to new goalkeeper, and it's a clean sheet. And so instead of. Giving up four goals they they gave up no gold. And so, you know, I it I think goalkeeper competition is closer than that. It's not just you know, and then cut and dried, but when a guy has a clean sheet, and they they win. I think you keep them and go for another week, at least that's well said how he Lindsey joining us from Lou city as they get ready to open up their home scheduled tonight at slugger field. How when you look at this team sort of coming to get a lot of new faces on this team, your two games in who do you see us? So maybe the front runners on this team that can really take a leadership role this year. Yeah. I think there were a couple of guys somebody older guys will certainly be there in Luke Spencer and George Davis. Some of the guys that we were talking about will probably be lucky Kasana. He was a tremendous goalscorer last year for Tennessee. And and and seems to cause defenses issues as soon as he steps onto the pitch one other guy that I think you should watch. And he's a guy who who scored against the headline of United this past week is operatives YoM his last name is still H A M. Senegal and has a remember with Gorky Zhang. Whatever is spelled in cynical ease. Oh. It's not always as it seems. Spelled A D I E N G things. Yes. Jane? And so yeah, up YoM is is his name. He's a tremendous goalscorer from Yukon. And as you know, how asked media types, we really appreciate folks. Like, you who put pronunciation guides in there and ways to say that was awesome. Absolutely, absolutely Howie. And before we let you go to get some ticket info do video the flyover video was out this week looks spectacular for the new stadium. Oh, I love it. I absolutely love it. We've been we've been sitting on that for about a week or so it it, you know, come come in from the Jackson and the first time we all saw it. I think we all watched it hundred times in our office because you know, it's just so incredible. And and couldn't wait for everybody to see it. Everybody got to see it on Wednesday. And and that video the tweet from that video is is up near although the string of tweets announcing. Hey, here's the video up over one hundred thousand impressions already. So it's been a popular thing. I don't wanna ruin the ending for folks. But stay to the end as they say in marvel movies because it's got a nice at the end of it. How okay so tickets night, you guys take a walk up crowd of people still want to get tickets. They can. Sure. Absolutely. We have sold more season tickets than we've ever before. But there are certainly certainly season tickets left and in single game tickets, not be sure to log on or you can walk right up to get tickets tonight. That is awesome. How we will. See you in about an hour's time. Thanks as always for getting up early with us on Saturday morning. Good luck to lose city today. All right. Thanks. Thanks so much. That's how we Lindsey would lose city home opener tonight folks, get out there. And if you're a Kentucky basketball fan, you have no excuse because the game will be over going to be a beautiful night down there. Get out there and see your back to back lucid, he champions as they take on Hartford athletic from the United.

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