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Well, it's home. Solo wrote rolled around. I was exhausted from styles and and just people screaming people to still scrawny up. Did That I. I loved it, but maybe we'll still yelling at a loss jet, right? It's done. I mean, they made it already. It's out. Yeah. In cinemas for a long time, a lot of money. It did a lot about it. So I would still, I don't think tickets house going to sell knowing. Yeah, I think it's still going to do. I think maybe a small part of solos box office was paperwork high to the last Jedi, I, yeah, but I don't think that's the main reason. Now, look, I think I'll honestly a lot of for every person I lost because the loss Jan I was like, oh, this is my loss Straub say to stall once again, I think there's another person stepping up who's like a love. Yeah, exactly. Signing exactly that. What Stolz plays a little bit. I think also people do like the new cactus. They like Ryan feed in power and what you can't do that, and you building this building this group of people that a lot of new fans in particular love and then go, what if Hans solar was nineteen? Who gives a shit who gives a shit. You're right. It just seems on thing to follow up. Yeah, anyone right was nineteen. I think she is probably gives the ship. Yeah, we go see three PO was nineteen. He might be solar. Yeah, it's ten years between we'll is dying. Well, it's not insult low. Probably gold. It's probably galled, but he doesn't have a Silverlake in the original styles. Right? If you look closely, my site will not. Does other things came out of this interview? He said that Bob idea, you'll dad the James. Hardware. Also your dad seizing. It's an easy ride, but expectations are high. It's a hard road. James Gunn decision, whether he was flawed, was brought to me by unanimous decision of a variety of executives at the studio, and I support it. I haven't second-guessed their decision. Okay. Yeah, that's a good of like, well, it classic deflection dad. He did get flied and I said he should be fired, but I didn't say you should be fine, but he is fine. Yeah. Yeah. You just degrade with the decision? That was my yeah by others because he can't be seen to have. Might he copy Saint to a mighty decision that he's wrong? He can't say, actually, I disagree or I maybe I'm wrong about this because then he'll same wake and then he'll be consumed by his his by the by the fellow executive prejudice. Absolutely. That's some harsh words for your dad. I didn't know. I had so much resentment from my dad won't let me tell you tell you what I do. Still wonder whether they could let guardians breath for a bit and then bring him back in a. Yeah, right. I don't know. He says no, but who knows Kevin fog you, I'll ask him. You should ask him when I go home for dinner. Says. He says it Kevin foggy is going to oversee x. men at FOX shock made it. So I marveled becoming IVA. So that's no surprise. And they said I could did could deadpool become an adventure and he said Kevin's got a lot of ID's..

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