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Baltimore series in baltimore as yankees are on the road for the next ten games so you have you have tanaka and i liked tanaka last year in the postseason but he is inconsistent but he will be in this playoff rotation so those three guys right there severino cc tanaka sunny greg can't rely on him i can't and everyone after that currently you they're not going to be making this postseason roster in the starting rotation of getting a postseason star so then where did the yankees go it's not going to be the ground the mets there's no way they would trade the to the yankees i think they should because the yankees have a lot of prospects but the mets then after that you get into the conversation of ajay hat who is a free agent at the end of this year we'll the blue jays traded in the division and then cole hamels who has the postseason success as well and there's a bevy of names as well that you can get into but the yankees from now into the trade deadline they need to acquire starting pitcher because you need one more arm in a in a race to win the pennant that there's a lot of good pitching with boston houston and also let's not forget about cleveland so the mets disaster the yankees it's gonna be a fight they're going to be throwing punches with the red sox and then once you get into the postseason but are the yankees well we'll see these young players these young stars who's going to be able to continue that success into the postseason so we're talking baseball on the fan zach yelp here with you give me a call eight.

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