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Yes, exactly. This is what you have to do is is when you leave, if you go to your running back when you leave the draft you're running backs won't necessarily be very inspiring, but I have elite elite talent. All right. These are my final two positional picks Kelvin. Benjamin, Jamison, Crowder. My last two. I'm actually going to do a couple of things here. I'm gonna take Michael Gallup and see how things emerged with the last pick of the eleventh round. And I'm actually going to draft devante Booker. You asked me, why do you want devante. Booker. The answer I have Royce Freeman, I drafted him in the six. And I want to protect that backfield. I wanted to see how it shakes out and be smart with my. That's my final positional. Pick on this team. Sure. Devante gives me the safety of knowing that I'm going to have somebody there. I love that pick because it's not a handcuff, right? We don't know. Sure. Royce Freeman is actually going to be the starter. Whoever is the week, one starter you will have on the roster. We don't recommend then if it's overwhelming one way I can. I can release the other guy and go get another free agent pick. No, I like that a lot. All right. Mike, your last positional pick my last positional pick is the quarterback and choosing between. Mario, Alex Smith and Dak Prescott. Those are the guys who I think are the most interesting at this point as someone who's playing against you in this league. I'm so glad that those are the players you're deciding between. That's fine. And and here's the thing, this guy might not even be my quarterback week one. I might find a fantastic matchup that I love stream that position week one. But man, it's it's definitely a tough call. So I'm gonna go with the call that will make Jason like my team. Oh. He's my. I'll tell you my pick would have been who tyrod tyrod it's I would have rolled tyrod out week one and see what you got. It's not a bad pick. All right. Your final positional pick already got a quarterback and big been. Yeah. I think my running backs are set. My wide receivers could use a little nudge of help, and I'm gonna take a guy who wouldn't never, who would never have fallen this low if it wasn't for him currently being out of camp for my last positional pick to get a guy who was a top twenty wide receiver. Last year, retard Matthews could still be the wide receiver. One, four, Marcus mariota. You know to to take him this late. I really like you didn't take Paul Richardson. You love him so much. Actually, it was between retard Matthews or Geronimo Alison kinda swing. Vince is type of high upside the possible wide receiver to for the Green Bay Packers. All right, guys. Let's each run our roster back as we close out this mock draft half point PR I have at the wide receiver. Position Odell Beckham, junior Larry, FitzGerald, Robbie Anderson, Kelvin. Benjamin, Jamison, Crowder. Any dart, throw with Michael Gallup, my running backs Jordan, Howard, Alex Collins Royce Freeman, Isaiah Crowell, and devante Booker. My quarterback is Tom Brady, I realize now you don't have it's bad. I do not have a tight end. That's a bold strategy cut. Let's see. Well, that's okay though. That's okay. Because as we do in every mock drafts, we will give you the reminder. If a league does not dictate you exit the draft having every starting position filled all all your kicker defense. If they don't dictate it, you don't have to take you. Don't have to take a couple more guys. You can watch from the would rather have devante Booker with my final pick and let camp shake out because I'm doing this on the basis of right now. And then George Kittle is on the waiver wire right now is now. But my point is if I can watch the training camp, battle between Booker informing make a decision, and then I can see, I mean, using that last pig versus signing makes no difference to me at least then I've insured. I have that backfield and then I can go sign Cameron braider Vance McDonald all Eric, Uber and Jenkin rosins varying Jane..

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