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I've only worked at one company. The average american has eleven jobs in their lifetime. But it makes complete and total sense if you grew up as me that you would cling to permanency and security. I'm the youngest of six kids. My mother was a single mom. She worked really really hard but we often were in tough situations of getting addicted or getting our lights turned off or phone. Disconnected or car repossessed. Sometimes they didn't know where we're going to live. It was just a terrible way to live as a result of that. I just had this great sense of financial insecurity. I ended up having an obsession with school. Which was the center of calm and security for me in a world. That was not common not secure and i could control outcomes at school so i became this crazy student then. I went to princeton and in all of those settings. I was just an observer. I saw the life that i want it. I romanticized the friends that i had on the lives that they had in the two parent households and all of these things and it did. Give me this aspiration for financial security at some point. I felt like i had won the birth lottery. In every way anybody who knows anything about your childhood would suggest that that is not the first narrative come to mind. The reason i say one the birth lottery is not. Because i didn't work extraordinarily hard and still do and not because i didn't pay my dues and consult with really smart people to help me and tough moments but let's just start with dna. I got a brain from those two people that put me in good stead in school. That's that's a fluke. You don't know what you're going to get when you know. Meet billy smart kids. I'm like thank your parents for that. Dna the first thing that put you in a good place so then the had the dna. A lot of people don't necessarily use it to their advantage. I was fortunate that i made the right decisions at the right time. That chose aerial. I'm not saying that everything wouldn't've worked out. But i'm just saying that i took these non traditional paths big wall street firms and i went to this little firm and chicago because i could sit next to work with this guy that i thought was really smart and that understood me and that would foster mitalent and allow me to grow so that. That's why i say. I won the lottery then i was born in america. That's a real thing. If you could be born anywhere in the world to be born in america even with all of the things that are wrong in america which is a lot. It's still has a a leg up on a lot of other places in terms of creating the the opportunity for success. I'm adam grant and this is taken for granted by podcast with its head audio collected. I'm an organizational psychologist. My job is to think again about how we work lead..

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