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Think there is still some hesitation within the redskins organization and maybe even teams that have value we kirk that last drive it from a quarterback standpoint there was a few things that were alarming now i was texan on that thread first and foremost you get your team into fuel goal range this should never have gone to overtime or at least they should have had an opportunity to kick a field goal in ended the saint should of you get a play where the saint to bringing pressure and kirk cousin looks looks to throw hot now is not always on the quarterback sometimes as miscommunication but i'll tell you what i thought on my couch it looked like for one curt cousins thought he had a third receiver on the outside out i mean he threw this ball in a double slants company through this ball to wear a flat route would be now maybe the inside slava receiver is supposed to be on an alert were a hot nikki now may also voted tells me is he's not seen the fuel correctly in a shoot in the dark here because again downs down the road down the stretch of you please later after they get battle up from the potential grounding penalty he played fakes to nobody now this happens on certain plays when you're an offense because if the saints defence was bringing extra guy to one side in the running back has that set of protection what he's going to do what we call abort the fake or use another colorful word for it but aboard the fake and go to protection but kirklands is still fake in his own protection or play action tells me he's not pressure that's coming in doesn't know the his running back should be boarding and protecting on the outside then in then there was also the runoff you get a ten second runoff based on that penalty it was talking about previously in the.

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