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From ten to one on john match targeting sound that king of er henry miller the hoover institution joins comment on this is not the onion this is gmo pursued by the obsessed poly pod pesca a minnesota resident i learned from a recent website at the wls legal pulse poly pod pescar grew alarmed when her dannon all natural yogurt was revealed to use the ingredients that would be a cow from cows who ate grain that might be might be gmo grain poly pot pescar henry i did not know that it had gotten as far i really did know that you can seek out an all natural dannon yogurt which is as popular as grains of sand on the atlantic beach okay it's everywhere absolutely and sue the company because it's cows might have met might have eaten grain how far are we going to go henry do we do we then go to the grain coming from a state that allows gmo food good evening to you in good evening john well that's be logical yet absurd conclusion uh uh uh let me let me correct one small thing it's not the cow uh pittsburgh ingredient in yoghurt it's the milk from macau yes yes that's the threats fear ingredient in yoghurt and and as you as you said the the activists keep going um back uh level after level and because the uh the many of the grants especially corn and soy uh that the the cows eat have been genetically engineered they say that the uh the yogurt made from the milk the comes from the cow that eight p.

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