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He'll get his everybody's gonna get there's it's just unfortunate sometimes that players well i look good for him he showing sean of eagles have been extended an invite to the white house it's been officially confirmed and the eagles are saying they're in the process of working through the gist ix of trip to visit the white house after of course they're super bowl win this february looks like the ideal time would be before their week thirteen game against the washington redskins okay so we'll see how many show up man that was going to be there will be the most woke situation all time several players have obviously said they wouldn't go we'll invitation was extended the invitation was extended confirmed by the eagles leak thirteen what else over there mark to share a former new york yankee he had some interesting comments yesterday of course he played with robinson canot in new york and i had this to say about his former teammate getting popped for pd's i don't really want to get into much detail mike robbie haven't thought yeah i'm i'm not surprised i don't really wanna go too much further but i think a lot of people are kind of saying the same thing and cash kinda he had to catch self in the minute view couple of days ago but yeah i mean just not surprise ronnie sistan was on the list for biogenesis no of course you added assistant you know you know buy stuff for them you know alex rodriguez got caught by biogenesis and melfi got popped their best friends when when someone gets lumped into that group it's because there's evidence there's a there's a paper trail there's a smoke trail wow mark sharon to like okay there.

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