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Not going to last we do have a crash out on i eighty this is to the west of the des moines metro area around steward we have i said a crush excuse me we have delays there because of a grass fires we don't want to cause a crash a use caution as you approach that area our top local story this hour a demoain man has now been charged with multiple traffic related violations after a fatal crash last october on army post road police say twenty eight year old ryan wrench has been charged with unsafe passing causing death and serious injury police say he crossed the center line with his pick up to pass another car and smashed headon into the vehicle driven by fiftysixyearold catherine kuenley she and thirteen year old nary a lee were killed and twelve year old kayden kuenley was injured wrench is due back in court january 16th lawyers representing jason carter's say the iowa division of criminal investigation officers were working behind the scenes sharing secret notes passing information to how carter's father win a ten milliondollar civil lawsuit last week in this case there was no doubt that law enforcement was working handinglove with the plaintiffs in this case for any of you who were spending time in the courtroom for an extended period of time you would see the law enforcement people working passing notes to the plaintiff's side that's attorneys stephen wander he says usually a criminal case already over before a civil case gets filed so usually all the evidence has already been disclosed but he says in this case it didn't happen in that's unprecedented and this is going to be something that the supreme court on appeal is going to have to address and that is what happens when the state puts his finger on the scales of justice if they had a strong case why didn't they bring that case two years ago after the civil case ended last week jason carter was arrested and charged with murder in the death of his mother shirley carter in two thousand fifteen but wonder says investigators don't have important evidence the clothes not being gathered up during the original crime investigation well you know those tshirts jeans could have had gunpowder they could have had bodyfluids those kinds of things that would tell someone either you.

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Des Moines, LEE, Kayden Kuenley discussed on The Big Show

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