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All right terry are there or could there be any other societal influences niff- the king can take someone else's wife just because he took it into his head he wanted to. How does that affect the other households. If a man saw his neighbor's wife two houses down today oh well she's pretty. The king can get away with it. I can get away with it. It doesn't seem to me that facilitates societal stabilty or safety for the women are men. Because i can't imagine that if my neighbor from down the road came and took me that david would take that very well. Yeah well you're absolutely right. I think this consequence the whole nation. Certainly those consequences of the family as we see it wasn't just absolute. There was amnon and several other incidents abidjan cetera. David sons were a mess from that day. Forward larry has a comment in the chad. The delusion of going down that path at the first step seems exciting yet leaves the participant cold in believing that they need an even bigger jolt on each new encounter yet. The big satisfaction never happens absolutely. But this is what happened with a lot of these things and david keep in mind solomon had a lot of political wives. These were for sign treaties stuff. Most of david's were not most of them. Start with affairs of somewhat like this. This is the most well known one. But david evidently in in the novel about david that was published by reviewing harrelson time ago she sets it up in such a way that david i live in every time does a new captive is broad and she can see david lighting option on l. Not again so david clearly at an issue in this regard rita. I'm just gonna come up as for mcvay slightly different angle. I think not to look even royal household spearheads statement. Have you know sitting in. Royal house hawks. In the united kingdom centuries it has been bishen of many people. if you've got. Kim overthrowing bishen of many women to get into the better to king and the king knows radi that he can have one eight one sinking gateway minute and that's almost expected that that's what's going to happen and if you do get into the bed of the king or your friend's relative sea shells around. Who was it. What was it like to get a to. How can i get in there to. Maybe we should have some concerns from a slightly different perspective as well. That's what she was. Intending is part of the culture. Today the so-called groupie culture which is sometimes around like rockstars in athletes actors and so forth and that falls. Loan that line. But let's go read now. What follows after an hour. Just mentioned david himself. We know has tremendous guilt so he paid a heavy price for this. And let's not forget your ira. He's betrayed twice. He's betrayed a soldier and he's betrayed as a husband and both of these are serious breaches of ethics of any kind of governmental order etc. What david has done here is massive and the consequences would be great even apart from any judgments on the part of god that might occur versus six hundred thirteen. So david sent word to joab. Send me your riot. The hittite and joab centura today david. When you're i came to him. David asked how joab and the people fared and how the war was going then. David said to urawa. Go down to your house and wash your feet. Your iowa went out of the kings house and there followed him a present from the king but your slept at the entrance of the kings house with all the servants of his lord and did not go down to his house when they told david..

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