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How's the picture and when it was introduced to me i saw it over the pixar campus couple weeks ago when it was introduced to me the person introducing it was like we have tried something kind of different and like i feel like the last time they try something different was i love you or whatever that terrible like like everyone hated and i was like oh no then i was like engrossed and a horrified and then heartbroken and all of these things and i don't know it's it's tremendous the style is lovely different and then also the medically and the i feel like the depths it's willing to go to the kind of the beginning of up in a in a little short with dumplings so yeah so i would put it i liked it i mean i i like anything that's a no mosh to the ancient greek myth of cronos devouring his children so they don't most pixar movies are deep down but you know something about about pixar movies whether they're short or long form something that irks me sometimes is this kind of naked plea for that particular kind of emotion like that sort of wistful sad sweet sort of combination that like they do really well but at this point feels almost like prepackaged in a way so i kind of went into bow and and you know as go into most pixar things a little bit like wary of being manipulated like that but by the end of that little short i was like a teary mess so it works all of my skepticism or at least my my guard is is kind of a road because they're really good at it yeah and i think it's because it goes one step beyond teary with full nece to like a darkness out goya painting you know what i mean and you're like i didn't know it was going to get a goya painting when i saw this so like yeah so even the most kept ical i'm not going to be suckered in by this pixar viewer might find themselves a little.

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